Happy Hot Toddy Day!

It’s National Hot Toddy Day, everybodyyyy!  Per SFoodie, Humphry Slocombe will be celebrating accordingly by offering a special Hot Toddy sundae:

Two scoops of Glenlivet 12 year-old scotch ice cream get a bath of hot honey lemon clove caramel and a sprinkle of candied Meyer lemons.

Jesus.  Those folks never fail to take it to the next level.

Im in ur goose fattening ur liverz

No waaaayyyyyyyy!  From the Humphry Slocombe Twitter:


Foie gras ice cream sandwiches!  Now I really have heard everything.  Seriously this time.

$10 says the ice cream’s made of the puke that comes out of the bird after it’s been force-fed.  You know, like the super pussy birds who can’t keep a meal down.


You still owe me $10, though.

We All Tweet For Ice Cream!


Seeking the thrill ride of your life?  Read Humphry Slocombe’s Twitter from start to finish and get so. fucking. stoked.

Whoever writes this thing is having a dance party RIGHT NOW.  They just tossed an ice cream scoop into the air, did a spin, and caught their scoop right into the cone, all whilst singing into the scooper like it were a microphone.

Seriously, are you as fun as this?  Follow them @humphryslocombe.