Passive-Aggressive Zeitgeist Hoodie Wearer Bums Us Out

Over at Having My Bamboo and Eating it Too, A Panda tells us about her morning, besotted as it was by a Zeitgeist-sweatshirted hater:

Finally, barista guy looks at me,
“yeah, your mocha is coming right up”.
That’s not what I ordered.
“I had a non-fat latte”
“I had the mocha. And I’d like the FATTENING milk, ”
Zeitgeist bitch is passively attacking me before 9 am, on account of the fact that I’m drinking a non-fat latte, apparently.
“Hahah. Fattening milk, rock on!”
Barista is egging on team Zeitgeist. And laughing at me. Awesome.

Read the whole story here.

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