Frozen Fight: Flax V. Travelodge

Flax V. Travelodge

Why is the Flax guy always trying to take down the Valencia Travelodge?

Save Modern Times From The Ashbin Of History

Miranda July at Modern Times
(Miranda July at Modern Times by the omnipresent Steve Rhodes)

Since 1971 Modern Times Bookstore has provided the people of the neighborhood with quality reading material. They’re an independent collective which has held its own against the rise of the major book chains and even the creation of the virtual bookosphere. But they’ve been struggling for a while, (they recently added used books to their shelves) yet they continue to stock the latest in progressive, alternative, LGBT and main stream product, as well as hold reading events in the back of the shop. If they don’t have something you want they’ll order it and call you for no extra charge.

They’re a rad store and they need help to stay open. So stop by, buy a book or three, or donate some cold hard cash if you’re so inclined. They’ll definitely appreciate it.

Found at Curbed, read more at Mission Local.