Smashed storefronts

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Riot police guarding SFPD’s Mission Station

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Valencia Street protestors/ransackers paintbomb Four Barrel

But I guess they got off lightly considering the heavier damage sustained by other local businesses.

(Thanks, Lindsey.)

Riot police marching in formation up and down Valencia Street, plus a doozy of a smashed-in storefront

And our pal Lindsey confirms:

it was black bloc from occupy oakland.

Black Bloc-looking, possibly Occupy-related marchers ransack Valencia Street, wrecking storefronts and luxury cars

Reader Steve wrote in with some pics and an explanation:

Hey, I’m sure you guys are aware of the black-bloc-looking Occupy-related (?) march that just ransacked Valencia.

Here are some shitty cell-phone photos of the immediate aftermath just in case.

Other notable casualties: SUV at 18th & Valencia smashed and maybe lightly smoking?, smashed and painted police station doors, most stores and restaurants with some yellow paint and broken glass.

Police weren’t with it at all. One cop got out of his car and literally just sort of yelled “HEY” at them at 18th & Guerrero as they were just getting started, then went and called it in. By the time the police were riot-geared up and locking down their station, the mob had moved on up Valencia.

UPDATE: I’m pretty sure this was not in fact Occupy-related. More on the origins of the demonstration here.