Sunday Night Stick Up on 20th/Folsom

Whoa!  Linda writes in about being held up Sunday night:

Me and a coupla pals were on our way home from my bachelor party on Sunday night at about 1 or 1:30am. I of course was lit up like a Christmas tree so the details are a little fuzzy. Long story short – we got robbed at gunpoint at 20th just before Folsom.

My two pals entrusted with my care were pretty sober. At first I thought they were just messing with us so, but then one of the fellas made a tug at my purse and it finally dawned on me what he wanted. Since he hadn’t shown me a gun yet (and I was drunk) I just said, “Man, don’t do that. I’m getting married in a week. Don’t do that.” Mind you this was all slurred and I was standing there covered in BBQ sauce and feathers. I was also holding too much stuff and my bag was slung across my body and not very easy to get at. I was obviously wasting their time.

So they made a grab for my friend’s purse, pulled out a loaded gun, pointed it at me, waved it at the others and then made a run for their car.

It was two dudes, fairly young maybe 19 or 20. One of them was a light skinned Latino. Didn’t get a look at the other. Black late model four door sedan with no plates. Didn’t really look like thugs to me. It was strange.

Thanks for sending in your account, Linda.  Hope you are well and congrats on the wedding!