Bold new statement – “I am an A Hole”

This recently discovered tagger, apparently going by A-Hole, appears to be posing quite the interesting challenge to our collective moral judgement. This simple statement, straight and to the point, gilded even, is all at once a pure proclamation of existence (a caveman’s hand on the cave wall), an exclamation of artistic relevance (applied with an assumption of importance, that is without permission, and to a highly trafficked area) and finally a rebuke and rejection of the original motivations for its very existence. The A inside the circle being a clear representation of an “A Hole”, standing in for @$$#ø¬∑ which stands in for “ass hole”, builds an inherent impenetrable wall against any outside criticism. You don’t appreciate this? Well it’s too late to sound off, the artist has already made judgement on him or herself! Your opinion is inert.

Well done, asshole.