Overheard on the 14X

I sat across from this young couple, probably in their late teens, and eavesdropped on their cell phone conversation. I overheard the boy say, in regards to their plans later in the evening: “I’m gonna get suction from the mama.”

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2 Responses to “Overheard on the 14X”

  1. Kunal says:

    The term suction could mean something else:
    Viewers of “The Wire” must master a whole argot, though it can take a while, because the words are never defined, just as they wouldn’t be by real people tossing them around. To have “suction” is to have pull with your higher-ups on the police force or in City Hall; a “redball” is a high-profile case with political consequences; to “re-up” is to get more drugs to sell. Drugs are branded with names taken from the latest news cycle: Pandemic, W.M.D., Greenhouse Gas. “The game” is the drug trade, although it emerges during the course of the show as a metaphor for the web of constraints that political and economic institutions impose on the people trapped within them. And, in one memorable neologism, a penis is referred to as a “Charles Dickens.”

  2. Allan says:

    i don’t think that kid was talking about having pull with his higher ups