Who Wants to be an Urban Farming Intern?

Over at the Free Farm Stand, Tree is floating the idea of taking on an intern:

I like the way City Slicker Farm in West Oakland has interns that help run their program. I am thinking of trying to get a grant to pay a stipend to an intern or apprentice that would help grow food for the farm stand and to learn urban farming at the same time.

Any takers? It’s prime summer internship time, after all.

Link to more on the intern idea, as well as a complete wrap-up of yesterday’s Free Farm Stand festivities.

Link to West Oakland’s City Slicker Farms.

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One Response to “Who Wants to be an Urban Farming Intern?”

  1. kathleenrowland says:

    Thank you for sharing about this beautiful farm stand. I would love to buy all my produce there if I were nearby, and ask advice (even if I didn’t need any!) so that I talk to the cute kids. I live in So-Cal, and there is a fresh vegetable stand open a few hours every afternoon.

  2. [...] Who Wants to be an Urban Farming Intern? [...]

  3. [...] Who Wants to be an Urban Farming Intern? [...]