Tonight at Zeitgeist: Tamale Lady's Birthday Party

Last week, Chris told us about a recent trip to Zeitgeist:

Just as the tummy started rumbling asking to be fed who should show up, but Virginia the Tamale Lady.

Handing out the most delicious tamales as well as a few back rubs while chatting people up, bumming smokes and handing out birthday cards! That’s right next Tuesday the 24th from 7-10 at Zeitgeist they are celebrating her birthday.

That’s tonight! More info here. More Zeitgeist here.

Photo by veen (click to enlarge).

7 Responses to “Tonight at Zeitgeist: Tamale Lady's Birthday Party”

  1. brittney says:

    I’ve yet to take in the legendary Tamale Lady tamales. I don’t expect she’ll be working at her birthday party, so maybe another time.

  2. dick says:

    Wow! Used to have many a tamale from her @ Zeitgeist back around 99-01………..

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

  3. travin says:

    Happy Birthday Virginia! We luvz ya!

  4. chrisisgross says:

    The party starts at 7.

  5. katie says:

    did anyone go? did she work at her b-day partee?

  6. travis says:

    She did work on her birthday, serving out tamales from two giant metal containers.

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