Dolores Park Ocelot Attack!

Okay, not an Ocelot. Meet Xena. She’s a Savannah (which makes her part Serval — yikes!), she loves Dolores Park and she’s very talkative (“mraaaar, mraaaaaaaaaaaar, mraar”). Yesterday she drew quite a crowd just sitting there looking pretty. Click photos to see photo page.

Update: Michael Pieracci says maybe Xena ain’t so happy.

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3 Responses to “Dolores Park Ocelot Attack!”

  1. Michael Pieracci says:

    Anyone who is savvy with cats could tell how unhappy Xena is based on the the volume and force she put forth in her “yowls”. As Xena and her owner approached us she was walking close to the ground as if in an offense/defense mode. When nearby people tried to pet Xena she dodged most attempts. She couldn’t go very far knowing that her owner would drag her back. When the owner was ready to continue on their way, he pulled up on the leash to signal departure and the cat went completely limp, making zero effort to voluntarily rise off the ground.

  2. oh my. i’m afraid i’m going to have to bite her toes.

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