Critical Mass Louisville

When we found out Friday’s Critical Mass was all peaceful, we went off in search of one that wasn’t. Over at milkyboots, our favorite Louisville-based webcomic, Virginia (an avid cyclist) tells us about a pal of hers named Pat who had a bad experience in the aftermath of Friday’s ride. Virginia believes Critical Mass is about fun and community rather than messing with motorists, so:

It goes without saying then that I strongly disagree with the Critical Massers who looked up Pat’s address and then went out and SPRAYPAINTED HIS FUCKING CAR. How are we supposed to get anything accomplished if we repeatedly prove to this city what assholes bike riders are? Yes, I know we are better because we ride all the time. So start acting like it. Don’t let your anger control you. If you want to spraypaint something, spraypaint the fucking slaughterhouse. Or McDonald’s or something. People in cars aren’t the enemy.

They’re just cyclists who don’t know it yet.

But wait, couldn’t the slaughterhouse just be a petting zoo that doesn’t know it yet? And the McDonald’s a Gratitude? Read the whole story (titled “Critical Massholes”) here.

9 Responses to “Critical Mass Louisville”

  1. Jen says:

    That’s too bad. I wasn’t in this month’s mass (broken collar bone from a week earlier; thought it might not be the best idea), but absolutely would have participated.

    I like that she mentions that everyone was in the wrong, at least. Anyone who’s ever ridden mass has had to deal with cars. Admit it: we’re taking back the streets and making a statement and whatnot, but we’re also being dicks. And I can see how someone in a car would get angry – hell, I get angry every day when I need to get somewhere and traffic is keeping me from it, so I can absolutely see how someone who has to wait for a giant group of cyclists would get pissed. It’s “their road”, after all…

    But seeking revenge on someone just because they got pissy is a little ridiculous. It doesn’t appear that the guy in the car did much more than bitch at the cyclists – it doesn’t say anything about anyone getting hurt or anything. We’re looking up people’s addresses and stalking them down to deface their property because they wanted to get through? It’s a little ridiculous.

  2. mcas says:

    1) Jordan McKay was shot and killed by people driving a car for riding a bike in the Richmond last week– what does that say about people who drive cars?

    People on different modes of transportation are sometimes mean to each other and sometimes tragedy strikes in really horrible ways be it by accident or intentionally.

    2) Asking (or forcing) people to wait a few minutes for CM to ride by is for everyone’s safety.

    …what do you call Critical Mass of cars? A traffic jam. …curious you don’t write about those like they are wars between urban factions– why?

  3. jimbeam says:

    1. You could also say, Jordan McKay was shot and killed by people who own guns- what does that say about people who own guns. Or, Jordan McKay was shot by men- what does that say about men?

    Also, your facts on McKay’s death involve a lot of speculation.

    2. A critical mass of cars is normal, a critical mass of bikes (who don’t happen to be following traffic laws) is relatively abnormal, hence the difference in coverage.

    I’m actually a CM supporter and non-car owner, but both of those points are not exactly correct.

  4. mcas says:

    jimbeam: exactly my point on 1– just because a few people act like jerks at CM doesn’t mean everyone there (or on bicycles) are… As for McKay’s death- it is unknown why he was killed. He was on a bike, they yelled about something, guys got out of car and shot him. That sounds like a pretty logical conclusion that it involved a traffic incident, but hopefully the police will solve it and we’ll know for sure.

    2) The second point is intended to be snarky– the first point, about everyone’s safety isn’t. And I just don’t get why this blog– about Mission life– would say ‘well, our CM was peaceful, so let’s find something incendiary in another state…’ — that sounds more like something CurbedSF would do.

  5. jimbeam says:

    I hadn’t even read they got out of a car. All the accounts I saw just said there was an argument and the guy got shot.

    I guess people have a certain expectation of CM resulting in some sort of throw down. Hell, I have half that expectation every day during my bike commute. Also, people love reading about conflict.

    I guess they probably did it because they know the Mission loves bikes and CM? It’s been a slow Mission news day? One can only have so much of Zinzin ranting about poop?

  6. Allan Hough says:

    mcas, I misspoke before, in an effort to be snarky. I didn’t literally go looking for something incendiary. I read milkyboots on a regular basis, so when that post popped up in my reader just a few minutes after SFist’s post about our CM being peaceful, I went to work.

  7. chalkman says:

    I was just more stunned that CM missed Dolores Park, or at least 18th Street, this time.
    “Where’s the bike parade?” my kids asked…

  8. mcas says:

    Allan: I respect what you do and you do it well– which is why I was surprised by this post.

    Continuing the meme of cyclist vs. car conflict only increases the animosity, and we should work to perpetuate more god than harm. We all would like to share the road and feel safe, whether we are pedal or petroleum powered.

  9. Allan Hough says:

    Well thanks dude, you’re right. I think I have been reading too much Curbed.