New Neighborhood Butcher

Jesse at Beer & Nosh just put up a profile of Alhambra Halal Meat Co., a new butcher shop on 24th Street. Jesse marvels at Alhambra’s spotlessness and fastidiousness, meets the staff, shoots an array of gorgeous photos, and leaves with a choice lamb neck. (Details on the braising of the neck are here.)

5 Responses to “New Neighborhood Butcher”

  1. dogfella says:

    I just bought meat from here this past weekend. Place is SPOTLESS, service is awesome and the meat is well priced, organic and tasty!! I had to wait a bit but once serviced, he asked which cut of meat in the case and how I’d like it cut. When I didn’t exactly know how to have it cut he asked how I was using the meat and gave me recommendations. The meat is all hamal, very similar to kosher. I’ll be going back!!

  2. fredly says:

    My new favorite butcher shop. I went there for the first time last weekend to pick up lamb shoulder for a big Moroccan Tagine. The butcher removed all the bones and cut it into cubes. For nothing. (I tipped of course). Excellent service and great prices. The lamb was delish too. The beef looks fantastic. As others said, it’s spotless inside.
    Between Alhambra, the Fish Market in Mission Market and Lucca, we’re pretty much set up here in the Mission.
    Oh, and they also have quarts of whole organic milk which is hard to find elsewhere for some reason.

  3. This has become my go-to butchery in the Mission (and glad its only 4 blocks from me). Its great to have an organic/hippy mart that doesnt smell like patchouli.

  4. Jamesy says:

    When I was living in Fiji my favorite thing to eat was curried lamb neck. A friend and I made it ourselves once. We bought 25 lamb necks for just under five dollars. It’s best to eat lamb neck from a street vendor where you are the only white person sitting at their little counter. Makes you feel famous/terrified of what your gut will be doing the following day.

  5. Katie Ann says:

    Woohoo! Just as a I thought vegan’s were taking over SF. Now, if it was only VEAL neck…