I Always Thought I Hated Brown Rice

But then Mission Street Food set me straight. I love brown rice.

I had this revelation a few weeks ago, when their sesame avocado brown rice was topped with eel-banana tempura. And that was great. Successful experiment.

But tonight the sesame avocado brown rice was topped with your choice of pork belly or broccoli rabe — two of the most tried-and-true things in the world. I had both. Both bowled me over, and then some.

The other items were great too. (From now on, no more hot sauce on my chicken wings — Tabasco granita is the way to go.)

Also, a shout out to how small a world it is here in San Francisco. By chance I was seated at a table with Devin from West Gate of Babylon and Heidi from Engineer’s Daughter. We talked reggae and Aliens.

One Response to “I Always Thought I Hated Brown Rice”

  1. [...] was triple fantastic.  I’m with Allan — the Sesame Avocado Brown Rice was phenomenal, whether with pork belly or broccoli rabe, and those wings lived up to the billing. [...]

  2. johnny0 says:

    Re small world’s — the people sharing our table turned out to be neighbors we’d never met before.