Everyone That's In Cool Bands Hangs Out At The Knockout

In this new video from Imsoooconfused, Myles asks Aaron a series of epic questions about life. It’s nine minutes long, so you’re gonna need patience if you want to see the whole thing, but it’s worth it. Aaron has lived his whole life in SF, so when he explains what living in the Mission is “about,” you know he speaks the truth. Of San Francisco nightlife as a whole, he says, “There’s gay bars and Marina bars and the Knockout, and that’s pretty much it.” He also talks about art school (“where you learn to draw and use Photoshop”), the benefits of coming out at 18, and how having kids and getting khakis might help you become normal.

3 Responses to “Everyone That's In Cool Bands Hangs Out At The Knockout”

  1. Junk Thief says:

    Besides the content, I love the approach of staring into the camera and interviewing someone with the back of your head turned to him. Best line: “Let’s talk about me.”

  2. Allan et al.,
    My lil’ sis is moving here from Brooklyn and we’ve been mystified by the 1 or 2 (only) listings on craigslist for apartments in the Mission. Is there some other source for apartments that I don’t know about that people are now using? I figured ya’ll would have the scoop.
    —Mystified in the Mission

  3. Tom Carden says:

    Elizabeth -

    I’ve noticed more signs in windows than ever before so I’d definitely say it’s worth walking around your ideal blocks on a Saturday to catch open houses. But having recently helped friends move to the city I have to say that craigslist is all you need.

    Are you looking in the right place on craigslist? The SF Bay craigslist can be confusing. For the Mission you want “sfc” for the city and then “apts / housing”. When you choose “Mission District” in the neighborhood selection and hit search you should get about 15 things per day (this week at least): http://sfbay.craigslist.org/search/apa/sfc?neighborhood=18

    Even if you set the max price to $1500/month there are still four or five things posted a day, at least.