Shooting on Florida

Reader Ray Fernandez says:

There was a shooting tonight on Florida between 21st and 20th, just a few doors down from the Pink Palace. We heard some shots and then a few minutes later there where police and emergency vehicles on the scene. We went out to check it out and I was standing by a woman giving her statement to the police and my friend noticed two shell casing at my feet. I told the police and they roped off the area.

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  1. Domino says:

    I live around the corner and heard the sirens and thought WTF. They’ve been going off all day around here so I thought it was something to do with the heat and maybe the parade. hope no one was hurt.

  2. Someone emailed me and reported there was a body at 20th and Alabama (although they couldn’t 100% verify the person was dead).

  3. Zinger says:

    Every time there’s something going on the SF something like this happens…


  4. Glenparker says:

    Goddam yuppies/hipsters shooting each other! How much longer are we gonna put up with this shit?

  5. fluffy says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of sounds which sound like gunshots lately in the south Mission. It’s hard to tell if it’s that or illegal fireworks, but many of them end up preceding heavy siren activity.

    I’ve lived here for almost a year and never heard anything like this until a week ago when it started getting pretty regular. So I can’t help but worry.

  6. Glenparker says:

    Ummm fluffy… those are “undocumented fireworks” and welcome to summer in the Mission. Keep your head low.

  7. LINDYLULA says:

    Happened just outside of my house. Weird set of circumstances actually. It was a walk by shooting. Three shots and then the person took off running. At first I thought it was fireworks, as did most of the neighbors I spoke to. And you can usually tell by the the sound- unlike anything else- but because they were so many fireworks and bottle rockets going off I just assumed it was that.

    It wasn’t until we heard the sound of footsteps running under my window that I knew and then the guy who was hit yelled out. We called 911 but the phone line was jammed- people were calling it in. A nurse ran over to help. Not many people came out until the police and ambulance arrived but I yelled out to the guy to tell him help was on the way.

    The girl he was with looked totally ambivalent. Maybe she was shocked but it was weird how calm she appeared. No screaming from her. No chasing after the ambulance. Weird.

    The guy was hit on the side of the waist. Bullet went in but never exited. Hardly any blood. Maybe because of the nurse? My UPS driver said if that was the case it was probably a .22 which is way more dangerous than the bigger calibers because they’re small and ricochet around the bones and do more internal damage.

    So here’s the thing- it’s entirely possible that it was random. But if not and the guy was a target, how do you plan a walk by shooting? And why no car?

    I’ve watched those kids at that house and they seem small time. So I was pretty surprised.

    • Glenparker says:

      Your UPS driver may know about delivering packages but not so much on ballistics. You’re more likely to survive a slug from a .22 than say a 9mm or .45. The reason .22 are used is they don’t make as much noise and the ammo is cheaper. Most of the time when you get shot and end up dying is from blood loss and .22 caliber round makes a smaller hole than the larger caliber.

  8. Mazzy says:

    The kid who was shot is 18 and it happened directly in front of his house where he lives with his mother. I live on the same block and was sitting in my car when I thought I heard there firecrackers. My neighbor was screaming and I got out of my car and she told me two guys walked my and shot him.

    I tried calling 911 and was put on hold but after a few minutes heard sirens. A few people sorround the kid until the paramedics and cops showed up.

    This morning I heard that there may have been small time drug stuff going on I see a wide range of gangsta types in and out of the garage

    I hope the guy is alright. Please post any updates.

    • lindylula says:

      Mazzy did you see anyone come out that would have been his family? I didn’t notice anyone else freaking out. Where was his family I wonder?

      I see those boys hanging out in the garage. They have it done up like a little den and partitioned off with curtains or blankets. Pretty sure they deal but I figured it was just small time. Pot maybe.

      I didn’t know there was a second person. I thought I heard three rounds. I heard he was hit once. Do you know anything else?

      • Mazzy says:

        I was in my car in my garage, just about to pull out when I heard the pops and the neighbor who started yelling. She said there were two. I didn’t see them.

        He lives only with his mother there. I had met them when I moved on the block in 1991. They been there at least that long. The guy who was shot is the exact age as my son (18) so I had met them way back when we tried to get them to play when they were about 7 or 8 but the two boys never clicked I guess. His father moved out over ten years ago. There used to be a nice guy who rented the downstairs garage apartment. I guess he moved out. I dod NOT see his mother at all last night.

  9. Mazzy says:

    It’s strange how gunshots sound so muffled like firecrackers

  10. Domino says:

    okay so there’s a now a link of info up on the mission local site. not sure if it’s cool to post here their site, so I’ll let you all go over there without linking until I hear its okay to post to other sites. it’s on the front page.
    Be careful out there people, I remember some dudes a couple of years back did a donut in front of my place near 21st and hampshire or so and shot off like 3-5 rounds. Weird thing it was a Saturday morning. Kids and people were outside and it was sunny. they took out the tire of this guys Cherokee but no one was hurt. totally random.
    could have just as easily come in my front window.

  11. Mazzy says:

    I’ve lived on this block for 18 years and have experienced maybe five bad situations. Despite what some think this is a rare occurance which could happen anywhere. It fact someone was shot in downtown Calistoga this weekend. I so do love this neighborhood.

  12. Samtak says:

    By the “Pink Palace” do you possibly mean The Box Factory?

  13. Mazzy says:

    Pink palace ha. It was a box factory and now four big Live work spaces. I live two doors away but actually shared the bottom street space for a year in the mid 90s. I hated when it was painted pink two years ago. Could have been a better color.

    Any word on the condition of the victim?

  14. domino says:

    okay here is the link, thanks Allen.

    talking about painting i used to live a little over and above million fishes, when there was that tiger/ circus mural that grace painted over it cause of the graffiti. and the old 22nd and Bryant gang ran the hood. good times then too. hope the victim is okay.

  15. domino says:

    woops sorry. meant to write Allan.

  16. sophia says:

    I’m a neighbor. I heard the gun shots and a girl screaming. When I came outside the boy was in pain and the girl he was with was visibly upset, and obviously in shock. Regardless what happends in that house, no one deserves to get shot or have their life threaten by anyone. My prayers go out to him and his family.

  17. marie morais says:

    I see out of all these comments no one seems to care about the 18 year old young man that was shot and injured very badly. it was not a 22 calibur bullet, but a 45. All of u talk about it like it is no big deal because he had friends hanging out in the garage. Well at least they are not on the corner wearing colors and shooting people they were attacked not the attackers. When I was that age I also had many friends at my mothers house everyday. She felt it safer for us to have a place to hang out play pool in the garage instead of being on the street and that is exactley what went on there. I will not comment on his condition. It is none of any of your business it is just gossip to you. You all need to grow up. The girl with him was not ambivilent in amyway, but in shock crying and afraid for bothe of their lives. The reason no family came out is because they were not home. Grow up and stop with accusations just because they are young boys does not make them drug dealers.

  18. marie morais says:

    Yes and i agree with Sophia maybe some of u should be praying for the boy instead of behaving like children and talking about things u could not possibly know. Could have easily of been u that happened to. Ever hear of wrong place wrong time morons!

  19. natalie m. says:

    Paint colors? Graffiti? REALLY?
    You people are pathetic and should be ashamed! As Marie said, get your f-ing facts straight before you shoot your mouth off about topics you know NOTHING about! We’re talking about a young man here, who is now in an ICU after being shot in YOUR fabulous neighborhood! And a young lady, terrified and in shock from the whole experience! (whom you also had no problem slamming!)
    Since so many of you heard the shots fired- I’m just wondering what any of you might have done to help. Aside from calling 911. Any 2 year old can do that! Maybe you should get to know your neighbors- that way you would’ve found out that this young man is a decent human being who needs prayers right now- and NOT a bunch of bored losers who have nothing better to do than make assumptions and talk about what color this or that building is, was or use to be! No- I don’t know your life- but you people don’t know theirs either!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mazzy says:

    No one deserves to be shot. I saw him lying there after I heard the shots amy my neighbor screaming and called 911 and several other people including a so called nurse surround him,. He didn’t need ten other people crowding around before the arrival of the ambulance and SFFD. I think everyone helped appropriately. We were right there!!

    I met this man who is the exact age of my son. I met his parents way back and then his parents split up maybe ten years ago. Now I don’t care who he associates with and I don’t care about the pot smell from the garage I smelled constantly while walking by. Who cares what they do in the privacy of their home. I just know that some of his friends, maybe not him would, hang out can and say things when you’d walk by. Kids!? 18 years old young adults? We ALL hope he pulls though but it does seem he knew the shooters and is related to dealings. And that does not make him bad, But it IS sad.

    • LINDYLULA says:

      Ladies. Serious now. I see what happens at that house. We all do. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

      That said, I do feel for the guy and my heart goes out to him. No one deserves to be shot and I hope the girl is okay as well. Shocking for that to happen right in front of you.

      • marie morais says:

        will all u people mind your business!! your all idiots what goes on at that house boys hang out?? so what if they are in and out who cares at least they have some where to be we thought safe. u are obviousley not a genius cause u have no idea what goes on in that house all of u seriousley need to stop talking out of the side of your necks just MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!

  21. marie morais says:

    As Natalie put it you all need to mind your own business. She made a comment about how your all worried about what color this building or that building stupid and pathetic you all sound. Go back and read what your u not see the complete utter stupidity u r are all writing?? I can not believe it! How ignorant some people are. What may I ask what his father moving out of the house ten years ago have anything to do with it. As i said before u 2 should be afraid for your lives. You live in a crappy neighborhood and all u care about is gossipping get some religion and ampathy in your lifes i feel sorry for all of u. As I SAID BEFORE ALL MORONS!

    • lindylula says:

      14 years in this so- called “crappy” neighborhood.

      I love MY neighborhood, my neighbors, my homeless dudes, my eccentrics weirdos, my teenagers hanging out on the corner, my liquor store dudes who know me by name. So nope, as far as I’m concerned I have nothing to be afraid of.

      • marie morais says:

        maybe not so crappy during the day, but obviousley during the night u all know how much it changes i lived there my whole life so don’t try to fool yourselves or the readers that it is not a crappy neighborhood.

  22. Mazzy says:

    Actually this is NOT a crappy neighborhood. You are so wrong to think so (I wrote earlier there was even a shooting in downtown Calistoga last weekend). It is a wonderful neighborhood where I have lived for 18 years after living in the Western Addition, Inner Sunset and Lake Street area. I ‘ve loved living here more than any other neighborhood.

    Now in regards to my comment about his father moving out. Maybe that does not matter but in many cases it does in similar situations. Maybe some of the support was not there and as a father myself, I have always been there is some way for my same aged son. I’ve followed what he does and who his friends are, not prying but asking and in turn he tells me what is going on in his life (yeah I’m sure not every single thing). I am not naive but we have had rules about drugs and alcohol . We have had discussions and set some parameters.

    The color of his building is not the issue here, but the reality is there is this really stupid and immature thing about gangs and territory and colors. I think that was the point brought up here earlier.

    This boy or man was not a gang member (but I think there were overlapping friends that brought drugs into the picture and little supervision(.

  23. marie morais says:

    Mazzy so i assume u since u met him once as a child u think u know him as an 18 year old? You say kids? 18 years old young adults? maybe in the eyes of ignorant people. Anyone who was ever once 18 knows u are still a kid and what kids don’t make remarks about people even u do by writing in this blog. i know him and the girl in a deeply personal way. he would never harm anyone nor would she. maybe your the kid who has nothing to do like the rest of the morons even commenting on this blog the only reason i have is because i have a relationshgip with these people i visit them in the hospital. All your comments make me sick. mind your own business. they were attacked and it is that simple the rest u are all just guessing at. get a life.

  24. Mazzy says:

    You do have a deep problem with this. I DO care about this persona and every other person in my hood and city. I have met him many times over the past 18 years and both of his parents but no I do NOT know him well now. I DON’t blame him for any of this and I think you are reading too much in these posts.

    Maybe one of my comments was tainted about one of his friends or associates who has flicked ciggies out from the garage. Yes I know kids do these things and nothing I say would stop them.

    I’m only saying the most of the time it comes from family. Now I am not talking in this case, but I hate hoe many blame outside sources. Communicate with your children and parents and you are halfway there.

    Now I has asked here about his condition. I do care. If you know how he is, I and others here would like to know. That’s all.

    Not sure where the hostility is coming from.

    • marie morais says:

      maybe because u r r all talking about them when u don’t it isn’yt a joke he almost died she almost died the hostility comes from people talking what they don’t know anything about. i will not comment on him or her or how they are doing as i said before it is none of your business. flicking cigs out of the garage is a reason to aswsume these are bad kids please i mean really are u serious?? he was shot she was and still is afraid for their lives. leave them alone. i think that would be the most humane and neighborley thing to do. Who knows maybe even say a prayer for them that ever occur to any of you?

  25. Nemo says:

    Sorry but you are talking about getting to know neighbors and then you say it is none of our business. I know many on the block and there are many more I don’t know. I have gotten along with everyone and saying it is none of our business to ask if one of our neighbors is alright after being shot in front of our homes and our families is wrong is short sided? No you don’t have to tell us. And that IS your choice. I can ask his mother or call his father or the police station if I want to.

    If this was a random act that I doubt they would return. If the shooter and vicim knew each other and then yes he should be afraid unless he gives information to arrest and put these bad people (the shooters) in jail

    • marie morais says:

      I say it is none of your business, because c’mon let’s be real..u have all said negative things abouit him, her and the family..if u know the mother so well why r u on here talking about a very personal life altering, disturbing incident. i beg u all leave the kids alone your only hurting them and oi will give u one piece of information. THE ONLY THING THIS BLOG HAS DONE IS SERIOUSLEY HURT BOTHE OF THEIR FEELINGS AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. THIS FROM HER MOUTH.

  26. Innocent B. Stander says:

    Marie Morais,

    If you know this kid so well then you know full well he was selling marijuana out of that garage and has been for a long time. That brings trouble to your doorstep.

  27. Innocent B. Stander says:

    And another thing, Marie. If you know them so well you know the mother was out drinking and carousing which is where she usually is and why this kid is left on his own to do whatever he feels like – including sell drugs on our block.

  28. Mazzy says:

    Once again I do hope this person is alright whatever he was or was not into. NOBODY deserves to be harmed for any reason.

    I will however take issue with any comments that it is none of our business. It is ABSOLUTELY our business when anyone is attacked, robbed or violated on our block or in our neighborhood as it affects all of us in various ways.

    As neighbors, we care about our children, or parents our friends, our property, and these type of events matter to all or most of us. They should and they do!