Mission Pie Inaugurating a New Mural?


Laura emails us suggesting that Mission Pie inaugurated a new mural today.  Anyone have the details?

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  1. Colonoscipated Californiacator says:

    Details: overly hot color scheme, little or know deft to the compositional elements, poor perspective skills at work, tired “social justice” message… in other words, another typical cheesy, artless mural cranked out in the hood.

    • zinzin says:

      awwww. come on now, holland cotter. surely, surely there’s something nice to say about the mural.

      while i agree the theme gets a little old in the hood, the precedent is huge…it’s practically a requirement (particularly given the background of mission pie & its..um…mission)…and really, is this medium really about technique?

      but anyways, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. i don’t mean to dis.

      my view, ANY effort to beautify the hood should be lauded.

    • johnny0 says:

      I’m gonna do a giant Mondrian or Rothko to mix things up in the hood.

  2. 17 year local says:


    i walked past this today as well. right about when the photo was taken. i got the feeling it was more of a mural tour, or maybe a class discussion. but then again, i didn’t stop to listen, nor did i ask. so what do i know……….

  3. sfortunata says:

    It’s not finished yet. That was probably a group of art students doing a mural tour. It’s still in progress, so give it a little time before you shit all over it.

  4. Stucco Sux says:

    FYI, Tower Theater on Mission near 20th is up for sale. Asking price: $1,988,000.

    Still largely intact inside according to the listing. What a fun tour that would be to take with the realtor. I wish someone would check it out and take lots of pictures…

    • zinzin says:

      would be cool. i understand it was used as a church till not so long ago, but cant corroborate.

      new mission theater also supposed to be quite intact, to be scandalously turned into a nightclub by the reviled gus murad some time after economic recovery. i peeked in there one time when they had it open, and the lobby does look to be quite grand, lots of detail left. tried to sneak in further but was rebuffed.

      also, the cine latino, across from foreign cinema, apparently going to become a gym. project’s been in the works for ages, i always heard it was shut down in the past by MAC / MEDA et al, because “latino people don’t go to the gym” (wtf?). i heard there were new permits pulled.

      there’s another further down on the east side, dont know the name, it’s got “giant china bazaar” or something in it.

      also the el capitan was a theater, now the brunos parking lot. the covered driveway thing off mission was apparently part of the lobby. you can see some detail when you walk under there (my kid loves to use it as an echo chamber).

      i heard there were all dance halls in the 30s – 40s, and then converted into movie houses after. don’t know if it’s true.

  5. johnny0 says:

    Hey, I’ve been waiting for it to break the $2 million mark!

    Oct 2006 – $2.6m
    Feb 2007 – $2.5m
    Nov 2007 – $2.4m

    Closed as a theater in 1996 — the last one on Mission to close. Used as a church until 2005. Apparently there were murals inside that were painted over. Some photos of the old interior, and random trivia here.

    Collage of the exterior in 1942, 1964 and today here, along with some of the other theaters on Mission.

    • zinzin says:

      THAT is an awesome piece of history writing. thanks j0!

      what would we put into one of these? rep movie business? too hard. just ask alan holt over at roxie. very hard. but maybe a movie / bar / food thing like the one in oak and the one in pdx? movies, couches, beer, msf type cuisine? come for the food and the scene, stay for the movie? with a kids night? and a porn night? and a kung fu night? and a noir night? and a classic mexican cinema night (cantinflas anyone?)? i’d go, especially if it was on my block.

      live music venue? also hard, also hard on neighbors.

      otherwise, there’s only so many uses for a 20K+ sft edifice.

      barring a sensible commercial plan, only thing i can think of is condos with retail on the ground floor. condos for a variety of income levels, of course.

      • Mario Incandenza says:

        Running an indie/classics theater in the Mission has been a pet lottery-type dream of mine for a while. Much love to the Roxie, but there’s still room for more.

    • johnny0 says:

      I like the idea of a kung fu night.

      But a movie-bar-food thing would be awesome. Think Foreign Cinema but with new movies, and a “people are gonna talk, so don’t get all pissy” vibe.

      • zinzin says:

        @mario…i would LOVE to see ya do it! i am SURE you;d get a lot of support. agree there’s room for more, but a hard business to make money.

        @j0 – yeah, at FC the movie is just eye candy. no one watches it. and it’s mostly a destination joint. i’m thinking something much more homey, something decidedly mission. cheap, accessible, inclusive, informal, fun. i think it could be a winner. (though i do love FC…nice people there.).

  6. MuralWatch says:

    Wassup Mission Mission Blog

    For everbody else: the mural is not done. See Mission Pie for details on the inauguration.

    @Colonoscipated Californiacator: stay hating – thats your job as a HATER – Got any flicks of your own work?

  7. MANOLA says:

    I like the prespective, the colors are awsome!!

  8. Stucco Sux says:

    Oh whatever. Don’t slap paint up the side of a building if you can’t take people’s opinions of the slap work. Examples of CC’s work? Why sure thing:


  9. heatherr says:

    Well it’s better than any of the aggro versions of previous attempts, but apparently the painters still have plenty of that dead cadmium lying about.

    Near McD’s, I do appreciate whoever painted over the two dead ringers for G. W. Bush – those were the portraits of Norman Mailer and Hunter S. Thompson. Serious! Two famous barf-inducing misogynists of “great” literature, talk about insult to injury! – I wonder who got some sense. But then there’s…

    the soft core porno of a virtually naked and big-titted biker slut a few doors down. I wouldn’t bet my scooter waiting for the funders of this little project to discover anything offensive in THAT.

    However, I must say, when I see moms and their little kids walking by it, I’m warmed by the generosity of our neighborhood’s arbiters of taste in bringing such beauty to the dirty masses.

    There are tons of portraits of real people – too bad they are ALL male. All the females are sexed-up fantasies. Not one single portrait of a actual woman – no artists, musicians, writers, activists or deejays here! Nada, zip, zero. I never see any women painting these murals either. I’m shocked. Shocked!

    Oh silly me, there IS a non-slut, which is on the “Mission Pie” mural.

    But if you’re going get all nostalgic ‘n shit about laboring in the fields with hand tools, you might factor in the reality that women do most of the agricultural work in the world. So you fellas might consider making the female figure with the hoe A LITTLE LARGER THAN THE MALE, HUH. If you do, please restrain yourselves from making her topless and wearing a thong ‘kthanks.

    OTOH why NOT keep her small? a woman in the third world gets 10% of what the big man is paid, if she’s paid at all. So you should make her SMALLER than she is now. You know, proportions and all that.

    I gua – ran – tee you – in the near future, the urine-soaked and decrepit Lilac Ally is going to be declared an historic monument – though there aren’t as many little nooks and crannies for the junkies and homeless to park themselves like there used to be oh dear – bet you didn’t know property owners are responsible for maintenance of alleys, did you?

    No worries! We’ll always have the rat factory that comprises the parking lot and rear of the so-called Chinese restaurant straight outta a Mumbai slum – it’s got a GREAT mural. The building should be condemned, but what a setting – so urban! Don’t hold your breath for that to change. Wait, I take that back; you really will need to hold your breath should you choose to take a stroll.

    But it’s all good. The tourists and poseurs get their cheap thrills in the safe comfy filth of the short slice of hell that is Lilac. Otherwise, where else could they get their hard edge on without risking a single soft hair on their tiny heads?

    Let them eat cuernos.

    • johnny0 says:

      Not all murals are in alleys — real people on Valencia, including women, to scale.


      But point taken.

      • heatherr says:

        Oh please, come up with something intelligent.

        Not all murals are in alleys? well, DUH.

        Real people on Valencia? Wow, is that right?

        You obviously are a little short on the uptake dude.

        btw, did you know? Not all murals are on Valencia St.

        Point taken? Thank YOU massa.

  10. heatherr says:

    johnny0, there are murals on Valencia that include “real” women? You don’t say, and so what?

    Since you missed my many, many points, let me spell one out for you: while different artists may have worked on each property, the murals along Lilac Alley are all of a piece, and none of the images are of actual people, women-people. Jesus. You would have seen this if you’d looked, which by your comment, you haven’t. but of course you have to make an ignorant statement about how some images of women are done “to scale” over on Valencia. And you’re gonna give me a MAP so I can ferret them out?! Is this some kind of pretend-to-be-Sam Spade game or some such shit? FU.

    jonny0′s patronizing says everything about why NOT a GODDAM thing I (or anyone for that matter) write about Lilac Alley murals will have the slightest influence whatsoever. Because I have the strong intuition that our benefactors think the exact same way as johnny0. As in, we already have some pictures of “real” women somewhere, on some mural, over on Valencia St, after all, no one wants more. We got tits and ass from Biker Babes Magazine, a rape myth, and a rip-off of the Simpsons (Pokey Mom, look it up), etc. A single portrait of an actual woman in the two blocks of Lilac Alley would be waaay overkill.

    All over the two blocks of this mural project are the words “Please respect.” Hey johhny0, do you think that pornography in the public space shows the slightest respect for the community y’all claim to love so much?

    Your sniveling response illustrates perfectly why people enjoy hatin’ on the “Valencia,” a word that has become shorthand for all the condescending, snotty attitudes “hipsters” inflict on the neighborhood. Resulting in, in no particular order, by no means comprehensive: Trashing Delores Park, “humorous” blogging on the wacky arrangements of the paltry possessions in the shopping carts of the street-bound mentally ill -hey look! Just like burning man!-, calling it “the ‘hood,” speculating on real estate, unbearably saccharine writing, thanks a lot Dave!, and a general state of paranoia.

    “And so it goes.”

  11. johnny0 says:

    Patronizing AND sniveling? Wow! Flattered you took so much time to respond. I guess I shouldn’t mention the Women’s Building or the Portrait of Silvia Elena.

    Sorry I missed all your many, many points. Maybe you should focus some of your energy on painting murals to your liking. I am sure they’d be quite colorful.