Sonny Barger, Denim Model


Hell’s Angels honcho and original badass Sonny Barger did some modeling for local denim purveyor Self Edge recently, and Cool Hunting was lucky enough to get Self Edge honcho Kiya Babzani to write about the experience. Pics and prose here.


Obsessed With Denim

Lou Reed, Denim Model

8 Responses to “Sonny Barger, Denim Model”

  1. kiya says:

    For the record before people start the ranting.. Sonny Barger at no point in time “modeled denim” for Self Edge.
    This was a photo project shot for an ad campaign for Self Edge.

  2. I didn’t even know dude was still alive.

  3. Bjorn Toulouse says:

    Dude is very Republican

  4. jacksfork says:

    I need to watch Gimme Shelter again.

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