Rumormonger: Magic Curry Man Starting New Vietnamese Noodle Venture

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I managed to make my way over to the Magic Curry Kart to check out his epically delicious new pumpkin curry when I overheard that his employment situation (corroborated by NBC Bay Area) is allowing him to start a new Vietnamese noodle venture.  If this is anywhere near as good as the curry, I’ll finally have a reason to never set foot in Sunflower ever again.

In other street food news, there was some guy selling eggroll-like fried bananas that were the total jam.  Tragically, a bottle of Pinot Noir prior to street dinner caused me to completely forget who this guy was (sorry twitternets), but if you see him hawking his wares, don’t hesitate to eat them.

(photo from the pages of Bikes and The City)

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  1. mark says:

    thanks for slipping in the racist tag, that’s always nice

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