Recover Your Thoughts

Dog Eared

I don’t want to distract you from Buy Nothing Day (this Friday, as if you didn’t know), but I bought something that I think is worth mentioning. Dog Eared Books carries these little sketchbooks/journals made by a person called Doug, of Recover Your Thoughts. They’ve got hard covers taken from discarded library books, are spiral bound and contain blank paper discarded from print shops. Meaning, basically, that they’re mostly made of trash. They occasionally have a few pages from the original book scattered throughout.

Anyway, I think they’re a great idea. Here’s the one I got:
A Small White Scar

And, sorry, but here’s one more picture I took while I was at Dog Eared, looking through their cool window art:
Looking At Valencia Street

4 Responses to “Recover Your Thoughts”

  1. Irene Suwarno says:

    Wow the window art is so cool – Irene Suwarno

  2. kseverny says:

    it looks like a cool place

  3. Marco says:

    Thanks for the tip — great idea on the books; and very nice photos! Also, I would encourage everyone to support local business and local creativity if you do end up buying any gifts for the holidays.

  4. sole says:

    In other book related news: Abandoned Planet Books is sadly closing – going the way of so many bookstores these days. They have a great selection of older and unusual editions and, because they are closing prices are even more reasonable than ever. The other day i got a 1918 edition of gulliver’s travels illustrated with beautiful prints and a 1938 piece titled “can women be gentlemen?” (i’ll let you know the answer when i get through it) for about ten dollars. if you’ve never been in before do it before it closes – it is a nice place to sit and read and they usually have great music playing and are super helpful and nice – i’m going to miss this place.