Relieved Of Duty

Mission Police Station

I just hope this is able to reach you in time.

Last night I ran into a hot tip that originated at Sean from ARAWA, and I decided to follow up. The lead was good: The Mission Police Station has a public restroom that is available 24 hours a day.

That’s right. Now you don’t have to stand up against the side of a building and pretend you’re just a low-texter while trying not to splash on your shoes. At least not in the area around 17th and Valencia. You basically just straighten yourself up, waltz into the lobby, motion to one of the two bathrooms with a smile and a raise of the eyebrows and the cops behind the glass will buzz you right in. It’s as simple as that.

11 Responses to “Relieved Of Duty”

  1. [...] In probably the most important breaking news to hit the Mission since, ok, I don’t know, but it’s a pretty big revelation – Mission Mission’s Ariel Dovas reveals a prime public bathroom spot in the middle of … Mission Police Station. [...]

  2. YMFY says:

    it’s a trap!

  3. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    this is game-changing news. no longer will i have to sneak into new college!

  4. I heard that too. This cracked me up considering my buddy got a ticket for actually pissing on the police station

  5. Borinquen says:

    24 hours open?
    I don’t want to imagine the odors the first hours one Saturday, but…
    Amazing revelation!

  6. cdub says:

    n00b. This is old news

  7. dave says:

    I’ve got some more breaking news: Once, long ago, the Mission wasn’t populated with tweeting hipsters and trendy restaurants. Shocking, isn’t it?

  8. Dan says:

    They’re pretty friendly and welcoming at that station, too–– I generally get the sense that it’s not populated by the most intense, hopped-up group of cops. Once, I saw a transsexual hooker trying to Johns on the street right outside that station. That was when I decided I truly live in a lawless land.

  9. ELMER says:

    That station used to be the Pepsi Bottling plant – who remembers?

  10. [...] mission mission wants you to check out the bathroom at the mission police station [...]

  11. brooke says:

    I have on two occasions been in there and both times someone was shooting up and/or snorting coke on the premises. I was impressed.

  12. Michael says:

    When did you first find out that you’d be a parent? How did you feel?