Behind The Scenes At Arinell

Mission Loc@l posted a video (well, audio slideshow, really) behind the scenes at Arinell.

If you’re still on Windows 95, here’s the gist: employee Neil Aviles talks about eating “tons” of pizza (“like 3 slices… in 4 hours”… I’m pretty sure Andrew Sarkarati has broken that record), dudes passing out in the store, failed crank deals, mission gentrification, and yuppies.

Oh no he didn’t just drop the Y-bomb! Careful Neil… I got in trouble for that this week.

9 Responses to “Behind The Scenes At Arinell”

  1. chalkman says:

    Neil rules, he just needs to learn how to duck the cheap shots at the Knockout…

  2. Lilz says:

    DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE UNASSUMING STOREFRONT OR THE PIZZA. this place deals in crush objects. every girl in the Mission knows this.

    <3 Iron Maiden and pizza by the slice 4-ever <3

  3. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    i think the record so far is 2 xtra-larges in 2 hours or something like that. in addition to being delicious, these are also pretty thin so it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

    the only downside is that it costs $44 (***ADVANCED MATHS WARNING*** $2.75 x 8 slices = $22 x 2 pizzas = $44), so if anyone wants to watch me prove this they are going to have to sponsor me or at least offer some sort of perfomance-based compensation.

  4. dave says:

    Do they still have the “No bluetooths allowed” rule?

    I love Arinell’s. Along with Muddy Waters, it’s the last of the old school Mission establishments on Valencia.

    • Chester says:

      Not a No Bluetooth rule, but a no cell phone conversations, period, rule. I thought it was a cheeky joke until I saw employees actually refuse to speak to customers on the phone, pointing to the sign as an explanation for their frigidity.

      Arinell’s is, hands down, the best slice shop in the Mission and, really, the City. Whether that points to the Arinell’s being fantastic or the City by-the-slice scene being abysmal is your call.

  5. chalkman says:

    My nine year old frequently yells “Arinell’s is better” as he walks by Delfina, he’s right if you are talking about a straight cheese slice….

    • olu says:

      that’s pretty funny. class consciousness is strong with that one.

      I like Neil and he’s always been cool to me, but I’d like it better if he and his friends didn’t tag up my neighborhood.

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