Were the Creationists Right After All?

Emalie found this abandoned sea shell at 22nd and Folsom, obviously left behind as cataclysmic flood waters receded back to the ocean from whence they came, leaving the ark ready to repopulate the world.

Emalie take lots of nice pictures, but they’re all locked up in her Facebook (is that grammatically correct these days?).  Free your pics, Emalie!  That goes for all the rest of you, too.

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4 Responses to “Were the Creationists Right After All?”

  1. SAM says:

    That is a small Caribbean queen conch, unfortunately whoever ate it didn’t wait for it to become fully grown. You can tell that they ate the animal because of the hole.

  2. Kristin Linney says:

    i thought it was a piggy bank

  3. God says:

    from whence is redundant