Third Eye Blind Mission Scooter Club

Janee_ just pointed out that the music video for Third Eye Blind’s 90′s hit Semi-Charmed Life was shot in the Mission:

This is almost as cool as that Chumbawumba video shot in Hayes Valley. (On second thought, maybe I dreamt that)

11 Responses to “Third Eye Blind Mission Scooter Club”

  1. Prehipster says:

    For some Mission old(er) timers, this video represents a sort of jumping of the shark. Boogaloos was never the same again, and the post-Nirvanian MTVification of the neighborhood took off.

  2. Whatever bro, their self-titled ‘disc’ is the jam.

  3. dave says:

    Prehamster nailed it.

    This was truly a marker of jumping the shark. Not only does it mark the neighborhood precipitating into the hamster strip mall we have now, but Third Eye Blind kinda sucks too.

  4. kiya says:

    Stephen Jenkins buys pants from us on the reg.

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  6. SimonSays says:

    I love it. You guys are a bunch of trolls.

  7. cwongyap says:

    “hamster strip mall”

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  9. elisaf says:

    This is so funny because I lived directly across the street from Boogaloos when this was shot! We were awoken early one morning to this damn song playing over and over, at top volume, and my room mates and I started yelling out the window at them, but of course they didn’t care, and they didn’t turn it down. Because, you know, it’s gotta’ be loud to lipsync to properly…

  10. mai says:

    For some reason, I thought this was connected to the SoEx Monster Rally post because Stephan Jenkins was totally at the Verdi Club on Thursday for the event. My college friend is sort of a younger looking doppelganger, so he went up to Stephan Jenkins and started talking to him.

  11. A lot of those shots of the scooters are on Illinois Street behind the American Can Company Building on 20th and 3rd. And the hilly shots look to be on nearby Potrero Hill.

  12. johnny0 says:

    Best part is the dude on the typewriter. And you thought laptops were annoying?

    You can briefly see the old Leed’s (Skechers) sign at 1:30 in.