Dolores Park Peeper

Watch your back! Reader Alex S. fills us in:

I thought you might like to know of the most recent Peeping Tom in Dolores Park. He is taking photos of everyone relieving themselves by the railroad tracks. The fucking guy! I caught him (mid-piss) taking photos of both me and my girlfriend from the bushes on the other side of the tracks. I then went back up top and ran across the bridge to take a photo of him. Hope you enjoy and perhaps alert the rest of SF of this doosh. Also a good time to address this Dolores Park referb that’s going to happen — hopefully they’ll make bathrooms that don’t take 45 min to stand in line for?

Hopefully, indeed!

Thanks, Alex!


I See You, You Pervert!

22 Responses to “Dolores Park Peeper”

  1. Erik says:

    I think that if you are relieving yourself near some railroad tracks then you are in the public domain and anyone who wants to take a picture of you is welcome to do so.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      I’m not sure why you think that just because it’s something you can do it’s not also creepy.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        And if history is any indication his pics could very well end up on this blog. (I’m not gonna link to it, but you may remember seeing pics of someone pooping where they shouldn’t)

      • I was just going to make that very same point. Pics of a brown person shitting it public is “OMG WTF” but pics of a white person is “DOOSH”

      • Allan Hough says:

        Um, pics of a person shitting on the side of their own building is “OMG WTF.” And how can you tell the person in the above picture is white? And also, the person in the above picture is taking a picture.

    • YUP! says:

      I was going to say the same thing! Peeing in public is gross and thats what you get.

  2. ooeygooey says:

    I hope the pictures end up on a blog called “Assholes Who Piss on My Park.” You really think he’s a pervert? No possibility he’s trying to document the total trashing of the west side of the park by fools who drink themselves into oblivion and then piss and shit in public? Odds are great that this same fool complaining about his lack of privacy while he pisses in a public park is also upset about the closing of the park in order to make the bathrooms he’s asking for.

    Dolores Park — A Great Place for Children of *ALL* Ages!

    • Lauren says:

      he was pissing too, yes? makes him an asshole too by your logic.

      most people who drink in dolores park don’t get hammered FYI. sitting down to have a few beers or a glass of wine with friends, some of us might choose to do it outside instead of couping ourselves up in our apartments. If I have ONE beer, it makes me have to pee after about 30 minutes – and I don’t think I’m the only one who can attest to this phenomenon. Luckily, I live on the park so I can run home instead of waiting in the gawd-awful line. If the park service creates parks for people to USE in dense urban areas, they need to create the facilities to handle the masses who lounge their. And yes, people should pick up more of their trash. But as someone who uses the park all the time and just moved into an apartment on the park (so sue me – I guess I’m one of “them” now), the people who complain so much about the noise and the crowds and the trash need to lighten the fuck up. You live on a goddamn park. You expect peace and quiet? It should get you excited to see people actually putting our parks to good use. We are one of the only developed nations who doesn’t allow drinking in public. We are so uptight, but San Francisco is supposed to be liberal? Doesn’t seem to be so anymore. And really people, it’s not that loud and it’s not that obnoxious and it’s not even that dirty!

      Parks aren’t created solely for dogs and people with children!

      On another note ooeygooey – I think people are upset about the park closure and the work going on because it is being spearheaded by neighborhood groups who get their panties up in a bunch about the “issues” they see in “their” park (see above). This park belongs to the city, not the neighborhood. Yes, the people who live in the nearby neighborhood/in the rest of the city and use the park on a regular basis should put themselves into this equation by attending the park meetings, etc. But most of us never knew there was a renovation until just recently. And one of the groups who is on the front lines only accepts members after REVIEWING them and their goals for the neighborhood. So you can imagine they wouldn’t want any beer drinking, railroad pissing, trash leaving, noise making punks in their exclusive group. The people with money who live on the park have clout. And they will get what they want if people don’t speak up about what they want too. I’m not talking about just the renovation, because many aspects of the park need reworking. I’m also talking about new park rules and the enforcement of them. This renovation will create a nice, new, pristine park that will be accompanied rules and police to keep it that way. We can all pretty much guess this is true. I’m all for a clean park, but within reason. There should be a balance between [nice clean park]-[place where people can come and hang out and feel free to enjoy their day how they see fit]. This is San Francisco people – let’s all have a beer, smoke a joint, run around naked and call it freedom. Otherwise, we all might as well move back to the midwest.

      • Uzbecca says:

        Lauren, I don’t think he was pissing (I think Alex was the one caught “mid-piss”), but if he had been, then yeah, he’d be an asshole too.

        I’m a fifth-generation SFer, so “we” can’t all go back to the midwest if we don’t enjoy the newcomers dousing our few green spaces in their freedom pee. I’ve got to ask, though, what kind of place IS the midwest if so many people from there are so hellbent on trashing every new land they encounter, and then getting defensive about it? Do young hoosiers really sit around dreaming about one day finding a lovely spot by the sea and whizzing all over it? Every midwesterner I’ve ever met has been perfectly friendly and seemingly toilet-trained — aces in my book — so why is the midwest always held up by non-locals as some gulag one “might as well move back to” if one can’t keep up the most infantile antics with impunity out here?

        None of the comments (so far) say anything against a beer or a joint or a little noise in the park, and if you want to run around nude there, by all means, be my guest. I’m sure the Peeper and his subscribers would appreciate it, and a fine time would be had by all. See, that’s how liberalism works out here. It’s about responsibility (attending the planning meetings, using plumbing, keeping your pants up in crowded public places if you don’t want to be photographed), not just liberty.

      • Lauren says:

        Who says all midwesterns are hellbent on trashing every new land they encounter? I certainly did not. And I don’t think you did either as you go on to say “Every midwesterner I’ve ever met has been perfectly friendly and seemingly toilet-trained — aces in my book — “. I also don’t think pissing is confined to newcomers – everybody pees, it’s sort of a fact of life. So if there is a 45 minute wait for a toilet or a bush readily available, I think people will choose the bush if they can’t hold it for 45. I would hardly call that “infantile antics”. You gotta go you gotta go. And i’ll be damned if there’s a cafe who also doesn’t have at least a 20 minute wait for a toilet. (And oh yeah, this is a problem whether you drink beer, water or juice). Which leads me to the next point I think you missed is that YES PEOPLE! go to the meetings! We do need upgraded bathrooms and solutions to the other kinks in the park. And if you use the park on a regular basis you should speak up about what it is that you want to see happen here. But until we get upgraded infrastructure in a underserviced park, people will have to make due. Maybe the city should consider a few porta-pottys in the meantime.

        None of the comments so far say anything against a beer or a joint, true. However in the grand scheme of things, it is being said and it is also being enforced :

        people have also been ticketed lately for drinking in the park. not being drunk, but simply drinking.

        So I guess it’s not just about the park renovation, but about the attitude towards the people who use the park. There has been evidence presented by others on this blog and elsewhere showing written documents issued by neighborhood groups regarding “dampening the fun” and “policing” the area [even the damn swings need to be policed after dark (the park is open until 10, so this should be a-ok) according to one group - seriously, are swings just for kids?].

      • Uzbecca says:

        In practically every story about a nuisance in San Francisco, I run into this line of thought that says we should be able to do pretty much whatever we want to do in this city — regardless of who objects or who is impacted — or “we” might as well just move back home to the midwest. What is it about the midwest that either sends us such interlopers, or gets the region scapegoated as their source? SF isn’t some summercamp for people to come and ignore basic decency and sanitation. We aren’t the nation’s punk club bathroom. We can’t, on the one hand, say there’s too much policing, but on the other hand rationalize behavior that no one should have to tolerate (like people using the park for a toilet). And yeah, when it comes to relieving yourself whenever and wherever you want just because you feel like it and you don’t want to make the effort to be responsible about it, and then leaving your mess for other people to deal with, that’s about as infantile as it gets. Children of all ages indeed.

      • dave says:

        FYI – there is a reason some countries are cool with people drinking in their parks. I was in Prague for New Years Eve 4 years ago and everyone was smashed and everyone was tossing anything that exploded in every direction, YET, there was not one overbearing, intrusive, aggressive, obnoxious drunk. NOT ONE. It was very cool.

        And there were no laws about fireworks use by civilians (that I could tell anyways). It was mayhem, but civil mayhem.

      • Rod says:

        Uzbecca, you seem to be putting your fingers in your ears and ignoring the point she is making over and over; people, well, most people, aren’t peeing in the bushes because it seems like a jolly good game. they are doing it out of lack of alternatives, there need to be more bathrooms available.

        this has been a problem for years, what do you do when you gotta go? wait in a 30 minute line? try going to one of the local businesses who turn away non-customers? the city should have at least started putting out some porta-potties years ago to temporarily deal with the situation.

        i don’t think peeing in the bushes because there’s nowhere else to go is some kind of a ‘fuck this city i’m gonna try and ruin all your lives’ kind of sentiment, it’s more of an ‘i really have to pee and i’m out of options, this is really embarrassing i hope some creep isn’t going to try and take my picture’ situation.

  3. More DP peeing pics please!

  4. Floyd Law says:

    So, let me get this straight. You stopped, mid-public-urination-by-the-traintracks to run up from the bushes, across the bridge and back down the path to take a picture of a guy taking your picture.

    You went through this much effort, but couldn’t haul your weak sauce ass to the 500 club to throw a whiz?

    Dude, even on the busiest days the wait isn’t 45 minutes. I hope your girlfriend squatted in poison ivy.

  5. tea says:

    The only thing I have to say that Uzbecca didn’t already eloquently say for me is this: When I have to pee I use a fucking toilet. It doesn’t matter if I have to wait 30 minutes (yes, last Easter at Dolores Park). I like toilet paper. I don’t like squatting in the bushes like a dog, hoping someone won’t snap my picture. I guess that makes me a grown-up.

  6. chalkman says:

    I hope they put Candlestick-style piss troughs in the DP bathrooms….

  7. Donny says:

    peeing next to the train track is hardly the worst/creepy/scary thing to be done or to see people do next to those train tracks. priorities people.
    and i think the reason for the original post, isnt an issue of being “caught” peeing in public. it’s that this guys was lurking taking pics of many people in a creepy non documenting for the public good kinda way. like the guy who sits under the bleachers.

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  9. JP says:

    Don’t pee on SF. “Dooch” is the kind of thing that goes through my mind when I see someone pissing on things in the neighborhood. If you can’t or won’t hold it or dispose of properly don’t drink. Thanks to the photo guy if it makes people reluctant to relieve themselves in non-toilette public spaces.

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  11. fr says:

    if you guys only knew how many creepy dudes sit on the curb where this photos was taken, or generally hang around that area in the bushes, and spend their Saturday drinking and watching girls drop their pants for a squat you might be disgusted. I live right by the bridge and have a clear view of these guys watching the public urinators (not to mention the public urinators themselves).

    and fyi, new bathrooms are a part of the planned dp renovation, including a possible new building at the corner of church and 18th.

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