LATF Tijuana Hipster

One thing that I noticed right away about the hipsters in Tijuana was that their style was a few years behind that of San Francisco hipsters, who themselves are a few years behind New York hipsters (this is a good thing).  LA hipsters are not included because they never know what the fuck they’re doing anyway.

Hoping to buck the trend, this one is carrying around a unicycle.  The new fixie, anyone?  I feel like it’s been tried before.


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2 Responses to “LATF Tijuana Hipster”

  1. JP says:

    11PM Tuesday Mission and Valencia – guy spotted practicing on a unicycle – it has arrived (or who’s following who – or synchronicity!)

  2. laurie bk says:

    Saw same guy on Valencia last night deftly weaving between parking meters at high speed, disorienting the two babes chasing him. He eventually surrendered, a willing sacrifice. Unicycle is magnet for sure.