Actual San Franciscan Went To That 'Mission Dolores Bar' in NYC

40 going on 28 made it out to the Mission Dolores Bar in NYC, and his review: “actually a cool place,” though lacking in a certain vendor authenticity.

If you want to hear more about his trip to NYC read on, and be prepared for some painful truths like:

I hate it when people compare New York to SF, because it’s totally not fair and NYC has 13 million people and a lot more land mass and Donald Trump and all we have is 49 square miles and Dolores Park and Frank Chu, but I can’t help it. New York is fucking awesome.

5 Responses to “Actual San Franciscan Went To That 'Mission Dolores Bar' in NYC”

  1. kiya says:

    yezzur, in park slope, brooklyn… from all accounts it’s the sort of thing that is cool if you’ve never been to SF and a welcome but totally fake security blanket if you’ve just moved to NYC from SF.

  2. olu says:

    yeah, but TK lives in Noe, man….!
    j/k i can’t believe the bar didn’t completely suck!

  3. travis says:

    try Dolores Burrito in Berlin… terrible, but at least they have anchor steam.

  4. tk says:

    A few more details:

    There’s nothing obviously SF-centric about the place. I talked to the owner and he said his partner used to live in SF and that’s why they picked the name. It does have a nice big outdoor area, but any resemblance to Dolores Park is limited to the mostly hipster crowd. Nice place for a pint, though.