How To Talk To American Apparel Models

Kevin at The Bygone Bureau gives it a shot:

I’ve never felt this way before. I hope you don’t think this is too forward but… would you want to get coffee sometime?

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Banned American Apparel Ad

8 Responses to “How To Talk To American Apparel Models”

  1. Anon says:

    My line:

    “Since you’ve proven yourself to have no sense of self-worth or morals and you clearly don’t mind sucking creepy Jewish guy dick, how about you blow me?”

    • Rod says:

      it’s good to see that Jews are still the one race it’s ok to be bigoted about in liberal San Francisco.

      • Brian H says:

        I think you’ve missed the commentary on the owner of American Apparel… if using the racial descriptor of someone is bigoted – what would you suggest? Hebrew American?

        • Lawrence says:

          Interesting that the descriptive word chosen was ‘Jewish’, not creepy white dick, nor creepy american dick, nor creepy older person’s dick, nor creepy ‘insert other descriptor here’ dick.

          Yes, picking out their religious beliefs as a description to put between ‘creepy’ and ‘dick’ is bigoted, and it’s only ignorance that prevents you from realising that Brian.

  2. youyouyouwhy says:

    i am surprised at how guys still act like their in jr high around beautiful women like this, no wonder why they keep ignoring you. they should.

  3. cocktoaster says:

    What happened to the rest of that leotard? Oh well I guess well just find you a new one. Meanwhile could you move out of the way? I’m admiring this window pane if you dont mind…

  4. Jible says:

    where is that photo from?