US vs Ghana

US V. Ghana On The Street

The crowd at The Phoenix was energized. US lost in the end, much to the dismay of most. We had to wait till two people left to get in, max capacity and all. About 45 people watched from the street.

US V. Ghana Inside

Choice quotes:

“Yeah, well we have nukes and they don’t.”

“Fuck Ghana-rrhea!”

Not really making me want to align myself with the US fans.

US V. Ghana

Either way I went home to listen to the Yankees game.

10 Responses to “US vs Ghana”

  1. Ms Heidi says:

    i almost got in a fistfight with a USA fan there during the England game after he claimed that one of the English players had AIDS, and that wasn’t even the worst thing he and his friends were yelling. classy bunch, that lot.

    • Ryan says:

      John Terry may not have AIDS, but at the very least he’s rocking a severe case of genital herpes.

      P.S. Your blog sucks, Ms Heidi.

      • Bad Vibes Man says:

        I’m guessing that you’re a man who really knows what sucking is all about.

    • M.A.C. says:

      starting to wonder exactly how much time you’ve spend around England supporters.

  2. Internet guy says:

    Yankees suck!

  3. supersoccer says:

    We gotta wait four more years to party?

  4. diethylether says:

    Yankee go home

  5. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Why the hate? The Yankees haven’t beat the Giants in The Series since 1962! Unless… y’all are transplanted
    Bostonians! That’s what it is… you Yankee haters are all Boston cocksuckers! FUCK YA!

  6. wkndlfe says:

    You think that’s bad. You should hear some of the songs they sing at the Fulham stadium in London.

  7. John Stewart made the same stupid “Ghana-rrhea” pun last night… but he apologized for it.

    BTW, the rest of the show was great. Funny soccer bit with John Oliver, spot-on satire of G20 protesters, and, best of all, The White House has noticed that Stewart has started to turn on them, and sent out “Senior Adviser” David Axelrod to do some damage control — that’s the closest you’re gonna get to seeing Barack Obama on The Daily Show until he’s out of office. Not in my few remaining years, I hope.