US vs Ghana

US V. Ghana On The Street

The crowd at The Phoenix was energized. US lost in the end, much to the dismay of most. We had to wait till two people left to get in, max capacity and all. About 45 people watched from the street.

US V. Ghana Inside

Choice quotes:

“Yeah, well we have nukes and they don’t.”

“Fuck Ghana-rrhea!”

Not really making me want to align myself with the US fans.

US V. Ghana

Either way I went home to listen to the Yankees game.

USA For The Win at the Phoenix

It took long enough, but Landon Donovan finally punched through and scored the winning goal of the Battle of Algiers, setting the Phoenix into a frenzy and (of course) leading its patrons into the obligatory USA USA chants.

Although we couldn’t get close enough to the bar to attempt to order the scrumptious famous Irish Breakfast (how can you go wrong with blood sausage?), their spicy bloody marys more than sufficed and sustained us through this tense match.

Check the video below to see the place going OFF as the final whistle blows:


Homemade McMuffin World Cup at the Phonebooth

Homemade McMuffin World Cup at the Phonebooth


Despite the fact that the US team is getting shelled by Slovenia to the tune of a seemingly insurmountable 2-0 score, we can take solace in the FREE homemade McMuffins paired with potently spicy bloody marys at neighborhood stalwart the Phonebooth. Assembled with either veggie, ham, or bacon in addition to eggs and melted cheddar, they provide welcome sustenance at this ungodly early hour. A great place to catch future morning games as well!

Also USA team, I realize the Eastern Bloc has enjoyed a considerable resurgence into relevancy in recent years, come on, this is Slovenia! Let’s take it!

A Good Way to Provoke a Response in the Mission Today

MM reader Andy B. has been ready all morning to watch to much-anticipated match between Mexico and France that starts RIGHT NOW:

It was pretty damn hilarious biking down Mission Street this morning, documenting my friend’s rather bold display of patriotisme prior to the Mexico/France World Cup match.  We saw lots of smiles and heard lots of honks and shouts of ¡Viva Mexico! 
The angriest remarks were from the Irish.

Amazing!  Not only are you giving the proverbial middle finger to our neighborhood’s robust Latino community, but you’re also delving deep into history to insult the ancestral Irish population as well!  Bonus points!

In case anyone is confused as to why the Irish would have big problems with this, here’s why (complete with harpsichord).

More photos of buffoonary after the jump . . .