A Good Way to Provoke a Response in the Mission Today

MM reader Andy B. has been ready all morning to watch to much-anticipated match between Mexico and France that starts RIGHT NOW:

It was pretty damn hilarious biking down Mission Street this morning, documenting my friend’s rather bold display of patriotisme prior to the Mexico/France World Cup match.  We saw lots of smiles and heard lots of honks and shouts of ¡Viva Mexico! 
The angriest remarks were from the Irish.

Amazing!  Not only are you giving the proverbial middle finger to our neighborhood’s robust Latino community, but you’re also delving deep into history to insult the ancestral Irish population as well!  Bonus points!

In case anyone is confused as to why the Irish would have big problems with this, here’s why (complete with harpsichord).

More photos of buffoonary after the jump . . .


The Mission is Not Mexico, Highly Scientific Statistics Prove

Concerned Guajolote breaks it down:

Just to quantify there are 2800 hits for “pico de gallo” in the .mx domain, referring mostly to a kind of fruit salad, and 2000 in the .co.uk domain; by comparison there are 263,000 hits for “chile en escabeche” in .mx and precisely 1 in .co.uk. “Pico de gallo” is a bit of a gringo shibboleth, not sure why. Anyway it is good to see attention to the severe mexican food shortages in the mission, tacos are not personally where I would put the emphasis (you can kind of get them in spots), but we are really lacking in the following categories, where the percentages are market share/availability:

Fondas: 20% in Mexico, 0% in Mission
Tacos: 30% in Mexico, 15% in Mission
Quesadillas*: 25% in Mexico, 0.0000% in Mission
Restaurantes: 10% in Mex, 3% in Mission bc of places like Regalito and Poc Chuc
Puestitos: 15% Mexico, .5% Mission

Quite a market niche, whoever wants to bring the other 80% of Mexican food to the virgin streets of the Mission.

*By quesadilla I mean some ingredients wrapped in masa and dropped in a fryer and that has either huitlacoche or flor de calabaza

Is it too late for Mr. Guajolote to make a run for mayor?


Everything You Know About Quesadillas Is Wrong

Baja Beer Cowboy

I so wish this had been taken in the Mission.

Taken by Jesse / Beer & Nosh down in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California.

Regalito: "Made By Real Mexicans"

Authenticity is Regalito Rosticeria.

Thanks to Travis for the snap!

"Mexico is like a super authentic version of the Mission"


(photo David Hernandez)

Mazatlan Street Art

Katie and I just got back from a week in Mazatlan, a city whose street art and street food scenes just might rival those of the Mission District. So here are some pictures of graffiti and stickers and things (click to enlarge). We would’ve taken pictures of the bacon-wrapped hot dogs too, but we were busy eating.

I wrote more about our trip at my Twitter account, here. And thanks to Lael for holding down the fort.

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