The Mission is Not Mexico, Highly Scientific Statistics Prove

Concerned Guajolote breaks it down:

Just to quantify there are 2800 hits for “pico de gallo” in the .mx domain, referring mostly to a kind of fruit salad, and 2000 in the domain; by comparison there are 263,000 hits for “chile en escabeche” in .mx and precisely 1 in “Pico de gallo” is a bit of a gringo shibboleth, not sure why. Anyway it is good to see attention to the severe mexican food shortages in the mission, tacos are not personally where I would put the emphasis (you can kind of get them in spots), but we are really lacking in the following categories, where the percentages are market share/availability:

Fondas: 20% in Mexico, 0% in Mission
Tacos: 30% in Mexico, 15% in Mission
Quesadillas*: 25% in Mexico, 0.0000% in Mission
Restaurantes: 10% in Mex, 3% in Mission bc of places like Regalito and Poc Chuc
Puestitos: 15% Mexico, .5% Mission

Quite a market niche, whoever wants to bring the other 80% of Mexican food to the virgin streets of the Mission.

*By quesadilla I mean some ingredients wrapped in masa and dropped in a fryer and that has either huitlacoche or flor de calabaza

Is it too late for Mr. Guajolote to make a run for mayor?


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