Pal's Takeaway Now Open on Saturdays Again

Previously, the only times I’ve ever been able to try the critically-lauded sandwich mastery at Pal’s Takeaway (24th and Hampshire) has been on days that I’ve called in “sick” to work, owing to their lunch-minded weekday-only schedule.  Well, now I’ve got a chance to try the best sandwich this side of Valencia without lying to my employer, as MM reader Kathryn fills us in along with this little tip:

Rumors are Saturday’s menu might include the albacore and bacon, and possibly roast beef w/ balsamic figs.

Holy. Yum. Cakes.

Of course, you would know this already if you had been following their twitter!

(Thanks Kathryn!)

[Photo by slowpoke_sf]


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2 Responses to “Pal's Takeaway Now Open on Saturdays Again”

  1. tacotron says:

    damn. I’ve lived here for almost 8 months and did not know this place even existed.stupid daytime work schedule haha