Bizarro Bay Area

May The Child In Your Heart Live Forever

It seems that if one heads North on 5 (or “The 5″ for you SoCal people) for about 474 miles one can run into a little town called Oakland.

Stearns Hardware

The population on record is just under the three digit mark, and, like many small towns along the way, much of the business in this 123 year old town seems to come from the sale of antiques. In other words, the property of the former population.

Oakland Trader

Pretty much every building has an old faded painted advertisement on the side, and the Oddfellows maintain their presence. Kind of a classic historic Western town. The athletics in this Oakland play for the Oakers, the championship winning high school teams. The school newspaper is the Oaker Chronicle.

Oakland Icehouse

There is no place for a traveller to sleep in Oakland, but you can stroll through in the daytime and witness a tiny town out of time. Check out this informative website and learn about the finest wineries in the area and the origin of the broad breasted bronze turkey!

2 Responses to “Bizarro Bay Area”

  1. Junk Thief says:

    I’ve actually been to this Oakland several times and know a few people there. When I tell people in Eugene or Portland that I’m going to Oakland, OREGON, they think I am nuts.

  2. CIGAR says:

    there is a there there after all