KQED Visits Noisebridge

Thanks to all the community support, Noisebridge hackerspace is here to stay for a while.

But what exactly is a “hackerspace”, you ask? Aren’t hackers just a bunch of Australian terrorists that are trying to destroy America? Don’t worry, these hackers are the gentle kind. They just like making stuff, and would much rather show you how to correctly solder a circuit than steal your facebook password.

KQED recently took a look inside the Mission’s own Noisebridge, which happens to be one of the pioneering facilities of it’s kind in the United States. Check out their video for a tour, interview with the co-founder, and a bit of the history of hackerspaces.


Noisebridge in Trouble

Fucking Science, How Does it Work?

7 Responses to “KQED Visits Noisebridge”

  1. Wouldn’t this be a lovely time for someone to pipe up about gentrification ruining The Mission, because Noisebridge replaced a sweat-shop that employed brown seamstresses? Just sayin’… ;p

  2. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Watch the video, people. The guy seems very genuine and interesting, as does the space.

    That said, I think its time for burners (especially the boys) to own up to their narcissism and grow up.

    A lot of these venues have their charms, but they are too often overshadowed by their incredible nihilism and self righteousness.

    They can be terrible neighbors.

    I remember one visionary non-profit director sighing to me once, saying “if only the activist crowd in this town would be a little more respectful of everyone else…”

    She trailed off. It all trails off on that note.