Win tickets to Girls With Guns and Mermaid Bones at El Rio this Saturday

David is in Mermaid Bones, a band named after the secret ingredient in Clearasil.

He wants to give you, reader, two VIP guest list spots for his show at the glamorous El Rio bar this Saturday. This means you get into this girl-themed show for free, get to hang out with the bands “backstage” (aka that weird alley between the main bar and the show room where you put your drums between sets), and can play shuffleboard against the winner of the last game if you pay for the next round.

Ok, so you could do most of those things anyway. But still, free show.

Here’s the scoop:

My band, Mermaid Bones, is playing a show at El Rio this Saturday with Girls with Guns and Go Going Gone Girls. It’s gonna be the cat’s meow. Anyhoo, here’s an idea: could we have a contest on yer blog – best autobiographical story about almost drowning wins 2 spots on the guest list for the show…. whatdyathink? Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

So just leave a comment with your story about almost drowning and a real email address, David will pick the winner this Friday, and he’ll hook you up. It’s that easy.

3 Responses to “Win tickets to Girls With Guns and Mermaid Bones at El Rio this Saturday”

  1. Chenoa says:

    ok so I was a brave little kid, but in the second grade I was still swimming with water wings.

    I’m in Dallas Texas on a trip with my family. My brother and I are chilling in the pool, floating around while our parents talk.

    There’s an underwater bench that runs all along the border of this like olympic swimming pool. As a 6 year old I think it’s a good idea to take my floaties off and scoot along the bench.

    It’s going great and I feel super sneaky for getting away with swimming without my floaties when my little foot slips off the bench and I drop straight down into the pool.

    When I think about it now the water must have only been 5 or 6 feet. It closed over my 2nd grade head and I couldn’t swim hard enough. I sunk down and pushed off the bottom, jumping for my life.

    I must have made some gurgling yelling noises (I think I was going for ‘Help!’) because my Dad rockets out of the shallow end, runs over to me and dives. His rescue happens all in one fluid motion, he scoops me up in his big safe arms and sits me down on the edge of the pool.

    ‘Are you ok? Are you ok?’
    ‘Uh huh’

    After that my Dad wraps me in a big white hotel towel and we go back to our room and watch cartoons. He talks to me about exploring and swimming — my mum was also really upset. When I apologize for scaring her she cries.

    And that’s how I almost drowned in Texas.

  2. Chenoa says:

    um, so do I win?