Conflicted Pepper

Conflicted Pepper

This little chili is all at once a little bit happy to see you, but also overheated from running in the desert heat, and experiencing some nervousness that is inspiring unfortunate violent actions toward a specific taco.

You can figure it out for yourself at El Gran Taco Loco. (warning, autoplay music)

5 Responses to “Conflicted Pepper”

  1. Dude, yr schlong is dragging in the dirt!

  2. no.thanks. says:

    i swear they painted the tip to be facing a different direction from a few years back

  3. Ponk Mexicano says:

    That chile creeped me out! Dios sabe what he has planned for that poor taco! can anyone say the gimp from Pulp Fiction!

  4. Corpus Nerd says:

    Agreed, he might just try and pepperize that taco with his large stem!