Yo-yo mastery, with a little help from Satan

Our buddy Doc put on an impromptu yo-yo clinic last night outside Bender’s. Vic tells the tale:

I requested the “Pentagram” yo-yo trick that I saw him do on YouTube. He did it flawlessly even after drinking all night. Note that this is an off-the-string trick. Meaning, during the trick he untwisted and detached the yo-yo from the string and went into a trick called the “Washing Machine” (which he invented) then did this, and reattached the string to the yo-yo before returning it to his hand.

Also, amazing yo-yo tricks aside, I’d like to point out how awesome it is that the “Pabst” logo appears upside-down on Doc’s right leg. More mysterious magic of the RAZR camera, the polaroid of our time.

Yes, if anyone’s interested, I am available for impromptu RAZR clinics outside Bender’s anytime. [link]


Here’s a video of this trick, done in front of Ritual Coffee

6 Responses to “Yo-yo mastery, with a little help from Satan”

  1. Antagonist says:

    RAZR? You’re not pregnant with iPhone yet? And you call yourself a hipster!

  2. DocPop says:

    Oh man, I totally forgot about bumping into you guys until I saw this. I seem amazingly sober in the above photo. BTW, I love the cool art effects in the above shot (like the upside down “Pabst” on my jeans).

    Here’s another video I shot on Hill street http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeAuVxPg8CI

  3. wrybread says:

    Really spectacular. And my favorite part of the video is how hilariously fixated on cellphones everyone is even in the midst of this yo yo virtuosity.

  4. pat says:

    Yay for doc!

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