Mr. Pickle parties down in Livermore

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You might not know it, but Mr. Pickle has a sister restaurant all the way out in Livermore. Things are different there – the fresh air and open blocks of suburbs have emboldened our brined amigo to jump up and start shaking his can in three dimensions like nobody’s business. This rare photo captures the majestic beast at work, working it.

Also, how batshit crazy is their website?

10 Responses to “Mr. Pickle parties down in Livermore”

  1. Original Pickle says:

    Sister restaurant? You know there are like 30 Mr. Pickles, right?

  2. PicklezFan says:

    My question; why isn’t the only Mr. Pick’s any of us care about not listed on the website?

  3. PicklezFan says:

    correction, why IS the only Mr. Pick’s any of us care about not listed on the website?

  4. kiya says:

    This is the most convoluted and fucked franchise i’ve ever come across.
    My high school baseball coach from fifteen years ago opened the first Mr. Pickles in San Mateo.
    Some years later he franchised it, then started to take money from randoms that just bought the name and menu. Now you basically have no idea what you’re getting when you walk into a Mr. Pickles.
    I’ve been to two where the food was utter crap, and i’ve been to some where they make great sandwiches, but the STYLE of sandwiches ranges greatly from one to another and they don’t even have to buy their ingredients from the same vendors.

    • intheknow says:

      You need to check out the definition of the word “franchise”. A lot of hard work goes into getting each of the franchises up and running.
      The menu’s are the same and your baseball coach and family put a lot of hours in to find just the right locations so new owners (who are choosing to pay him for a franchise they believe in) can be successful.

      The original owners even go to the extent of sending out the same trainer to each and every location to interview and train each and every person who makes those sandwiches… down to knowing the exact ounces in each and every sandwich and making sure everything is CLEAN behind the scenes. This process takes her away from her family for months sometimes.
      Let me tell you one thing, she’s the real deal and no push over!

      With any franchise, you have to keep and eye on quality control…hence the mandatory meetings these owners have with the original folks, but with anything, the original owner can’t be watching over these grown ups shoulder every day to make sure everything is perfect, sometimes people drop the ball.

      I’m sorry your sando wasn’t to your liking. I guess you could squabble about any place you walk into if you wanted too. Sounds like what you really need is a hug.

  5. Quin2013 says:

    I really miss Mr. Pickles located on 20th st & South Van Ness.

    i don’t live around there any more. BOOOO

  6. Rhiannon says:

    OUR Senior Pickle isn’t associated with the rest. He’s his own Pickle.

    Tell one of the pickle brothers when you’re in there to tell you about how the other cucumbers suck.

  7. Fer says:

    Mr. Pickle is not welcome in my town.

    Arrest Mr. Pickle?

    Animated signs — people who hold and wave signs to attract customers — also are in violation of city law. That includes someone in a pickle costume regularly outside the Mr. Pickle’s delicatessen on Geer Road at Hawkeye Avenue, the oversized oil can that occasionally joins him to advertise an auto shop and a gold prospector who several weeks ago was a regular on Monte Vista Avenue at Golden State Boulevard, advertising a jeweler who bought gold.

    Though Hampton assured the City Council earlier this year that “we’re not going to arrest Mr. Pickle,” the human signs are against the law.

    Read more:

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