Mr. Pickle parties down in Livermore

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You might not know it, but Mr. Pickle has a sister restaurant all the way out in Livermore. Things are different there – the fresh air and open blocks of suburbs have emboldened our brined amigo to jump up and start shaking his can in three dimensions like nobody’s business. This rare photo captures the majestic beast at work, working it.

Also, how batshit crazy is their website?

Mr. Peanut and Mr. Pickle’s Lovechild

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mr. Peanut, of Planter’s fame, and a Mr. Pickle, of Mr. Pickle Sandwich Shop on South Van Ness?

A: Mr. Pickle’s classy spats-sporting cousin in SOMA, Mr. Toad’s.

Don’t worry, Mr. Pickle. Your cousin is in the recording and rehearsal space business and poses no threat to your empire.

[via MM reader Shawna]


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