Hammerhead parking only

Great. First parklets, now hammerhead sharks. I, motorist, am never going to be able to find a parking spot anymore.

(But seriously, sooo much more tuff than those tame little koi.)

[via Marcus]

UPDATE: Timbo in the comments points out that this is just some corporate bullshit. Sorry, everybody. (What? I don’t watch TV, how was I supposed to know?)

35 Responses to “Hammerhead parking only”

  1. timbo says:

    Shark Week ad, maybe?

  2. SCOTUS says:

    Corporations are people too, man.

  3. Oh, so it was cool when you thought it was indie… But not now that you think its “corporate?”


    • Allan Hough says:

      I still think it’s cool looking. I just apologized for foisting an advertisement on everybody.

    • void says:

      Yes, it would’ve been cool if it were “indie”, but not if it was done by a corporation.

    • Sean says:

      Well, for one thing, smartass, when a company stencils the sidewalk or the street, they apologize, pay a fine, maybe hire a cleanup crew, say it’s the fault of the kid they gave $20 to that the stencil is in paint instead of chalk, etc.

      If this is a non-ad shark and the stencilist got caught, do you think they’d be let off with a, “LOL, here’s $50 and I’ll totally clean it up soon!”

  4. Dexter W. Flannel says:

    I’m gonna get myself photographed standing over and make my buds back in New Cuyama green.

  5. sx says:

    Let’s all go jump the shark!

  6. patrick g says:

    wow. this was stupid to begin with…but all of you seem like such are-tards for saying it was cool then it wasn’t and then the city made money. just shut up and enjoy it for what it is. it’s the bloody mission for christ’s sake.

  7. Socorro María de los Ángeles Margarita Beatriz says:

    ¡Cójelo suave, Pilgrim!

  8. todd says:

    i did it. absolutely no tv (don’t have one) or corporate connection. look again, i finished it last night.

  9. patrick g says:


  10. Rob S. says:

    Someone pained a RAD M*&F*(‘n HAMMERHEAD SHARK on the street and some of you have the AUDACITY to complain.

    I don’t care if Rupert Murdoch himself stenciled it, that shit is awesome.

    • GG says:

      Agreed. Note to whatever station airs Shark Week: If you stenciled sharks guerrilla-style all over SF as an ad campaign, I would totally get behind that.

  11. Josh says:

    So… you guys gonna update the post now that you know it’s for real and give the artist back his credit instead of calling it corporate?

  12. Rob S. says:

    Marcus, thanks for making every week Shark Week!

  13. todd says:

    no worries. enjoyed the discussion.