Controversial hammerhead shark street painting looks good all colored in too

Our previous post about this beauty took a controversial turn when it was posited that this piece was perhaps the work of the Discovery Channel. The comments section exploded, for various reasons. And then a commenter claiming to be the artist wrote in and stated that he has no connection to the network — and doesn’t even own a TV. Cool.

The only problem is, now it just looks like a painting of a shark instead of a really trippy traffic symbol:

(Thanks again for the photos, Marcus!)

8 Responses to “Controversial hammerhead shark street painting looks good all colored in too”

  1. jon says:

    now it looks like a Vacuumhead Shark

  2. todd says:

    that’s funny

  3. todd says:

    anybody want one?

  4. GG says:

    I like the colored version, it looks like a real shark is swimming down the street. Please come paint one on Monterey Blvd. in Glen Park? KTHXBAI

  5. wake up says:

    It is definitely from the discovery channel… shark week starts next week. Street marketing at it’s best.

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