UFO over the Mission

Reader Mat L. captured this footage last night:

Anyone see this last night, over maybe Dolores or slightly beyond? I shot this from my place in the MIssion, and it was inside the fog, couldn’t see Sutro.. so.. somewhere between here and there.

Here’s more:

24 Responses to “UFO over the Mission”

  1. Jamie Guzzi says:

    Pretty weird! You can let the other UFO freaks know about it here:

  2. Abbott says:

    Definitely a UFO. Or a model plane. But probably a UFO.

  3. rightofway says:

    It’s a plane..

    All aircraft are required to carry navigation lights if they fly at night.

    The arrangement of lights on airplanes follows roughly the arrangement of the corresponding lights on boats and ships: Red to port, green to starboard, and white astern. Airplanes also often carry flashing strobe lights under and atop the fuselage, and often at the wing tips.

  4. diethylether says:

    Ghetto bird

  5. no fish today says:

    but what kind of idiot pilot flies in circles at night through the city??

  6. Mark says:

    Here’s a theory…parachute? The circling and decrease in altitude could mean a night jumper and they’re using lights to land and/or create a hoax. Can’t tell how far away it is, but a theory.

  7. someJuan says:

    By the way it moves, it looks like a r/c model airplane or helicopter. And by it having those bright lights (glow sticks?), it would make for an interesting long exposure photograph if one’s below it.

  8. Nick says:

    I’m always searching our skies for real UFOs, unfortunately this ain’t one. I was walking from JChurch stop at top of Dolores Park last night while dark and saw 2 guys flying around this same remote controlled airplane, which had crazy lights on it.

  9. yeah says:

    I remember being stoned late at night with a friend by hippy hill and we saw this multi-colored ufo performing all sorts of inhuman maneuvers. It was a rc helicopter and a very talented joysticker. But, for a good 15 minutes we were like “WTF is that shit?!” It was totally blowing our minds and stuff.

  10. DvD says:

    Totally confirmed UFO. Saw it from the Lookout bar last night.

  11. batman says:

    DOOD ! that be my new batplane model !

  12. TC says:

    Since I’m probably the only one here that has experienced alien abduction first hand, I can assure you that this is most definitely a UFO.

  13. Spanky says:

    I was driving west on 20th past the park last night. I saw it through the trees and for a second my brain really didn’t know what it was seeing. It was pretty dark, almost 11:00 so you couldn’t see the body of the copter, just the red and blue LEDs. Kinda spooky because at first it was hard to tell how far away it was. There were a few folks standing up on the corner of the beach with a controller in their hands. You could have a lot of fun with something like that, especially with a large group of people.

  14. SlideSF says:

    Any flying object that has not been identified is by definition a UFO. That does not mean it’s a flying saucer or that it has space aliens in it.

  15. Andy says:

    Looks like an RC Plane with lights on it. I saw a dude flying one around last year. Got a pic of it coming in to land.


  16. Sugel says:

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  17. damian renet says:

    since you mentioned it(the “flight” with “us”)we will be coming shortly to check your implant(we can triangulate it)

  18. cnm says:

    I saw a light in the sky over 17th st and Dolores last night, similar in color and size to the cluster of lights on this video. Just one, stationary, pulsing with light. Much lower than the planes flying around the sky. When I got home, about a mile south, I could no longer see it.

    Not a ufo freak. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

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