Drug dealers from Oakland get their cars valet parked before moving product at 16th and Mission

Allegedly, of course. Mission Local spent a recent evening with some parking attendants at a garage near 16th and Valencia. Here’s an excerpt:

8 p.m.

John walks over and tells me he’s been here for 11 years, since the garage has been open.

“I’ve seen it all,” he sighs. “This very bad neighborhood.”

John says most of their valet customers are from the East Bay. Not all of them are friendly. He says people from Oakland like to come to the garage on their way to sell drugs around 16th and Mission.

“They park here,” he says. “I see what they’re doing. I’m not stupid!”

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11 Responses to “Drug dealers from Oakland get their cars valet parked before moving product at 16th and Mission”

  1. GG says:

    Yes, drug dealers come to the vicinity of 16th and Valencia to sell their wares. Is the “news” part that they prefer valet? I’m not sure which part of that story is supposed to be a surprise.

    • MrEricSir says:

      I always assumed they took Bart. I mean, why else do they meet at the Bart plaza?

      (For that matter, why is there a Bart plaza in the first place? Couldn’t we just have a flight of stairs in the sidewalk like on Market St?)

  2. Tom says:

    Good job showing a picture of the garage and naming the source. I’m sure John will be shot soon.

  3. Jack Walker says:

    um, that lot has been there for eons, it was not opened 11 years ago. I remember it being there in 1988.

  4. yeah says:

    Well, at least its not like the TL.

    Once, a friend escorted me to his drug dealer in the TL who kept drugs in a public garage. The employees who worked at the garage knew the guy and that he kept his stash down the stairs in a hidden compartment on the underground floor in a briefcase. Was strange.

  5. truth says:


  6. visa victor says:

    Wow Really, the worlds a very very scary place or at least mythically 16th & Mission is (compared to what?)…Buy a plane ticket soon & actually see what bad is, & it ain’t Oakland drug dealers touring SF.

  7. TinyTim says:

    Do they tip well? And after sales are made, do they patronize the local eateries and drink expensive cocktails? If not, they should be arrested and made to prepare bacon treats for the denizens of the Mission.