Woodsboro “Pocket Comb” Album Release and Art Show

Tonight (11/12/11, a regular ol’ numbered date) at Needles and Pens, local band Woodsboro will be playing their new album, “Pocket Comb”. All 100 copies of the album will be on sale for $25, the sleeves all being unique works of art by all kinds of local artists. Seriously, like, hundreds of them, with names like:

Audra Knutson, Ed Jurken, Sara Thurston, Laurence Wilson, Scott Falkowski, Inbar Kishoni, Sharon Gatliffe, Grant Lavalley, Serena Mitnik-Miller, David Kasprzak, Greer McGettrick, Andrew Connors, Kirsten Knick, Natalie Lunney, Primo Pitmo, Michael McConnell, Sidnea D’amico, Johnny Abrahams, Doug Spencer, Paul Garcia, Jacqueline Pachak, Eric Corrigan, Meghan Meehan, Ellen McCoy, Alex Wilson, Dave Gardner, Odessa Fryxell, Jon Calvert, Anna Carpenter, Tara Barnes, Chrys Nodal, Lizzy McGinn, Alfonso Kellenberger, Erin Hurley, Jennifer Melcon, Wymond Miles, Jaime Jennings, Matthew Brown, Seble Bissrat, Jacqui Ko, Kim Kelly, Will Ivy, Zoe Mogannam, Katie Davis, Olive Mogannam, Aaron Rodriguez, Alex DeWall, Vanessa Gonzales, Em Gift, Imin Yeh, Hayden Elizabeth Shieble, Chili Montes, Andrew Martin Scott, Alison Davis, Lauren Klein, Cody Frost, Karoline Hatch, Moses Montalvo, etc.

Facebook invite here.

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  1. batman says:

    BATMAN SAYs: if you see breezy at needles and pens.. tell her BATMAN SAID HELLO !!!!!