Cool new look for winter: So much going on I don’t even know where to begin

Unimpeachable though, this pic.

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Don’t forget to plan for your future

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These epic-looking burgers coming to 22nd and Mission this (and every) Saturday night

Zak from the Doc’s of the Bay food truck explains:

Our brand new DPW permit is for 22nd at Mission every Saturday night, and 16th and Valencia every Sunday night. We will be using the 22nd St. location every Saturday night 6pm-1am starting next Saturday, and will be using the Valencia location starting late summer. We serve quality American comfort food on a bun, with a menu focused on what we honestly believe to be the best burger and black bean burger in the city (pictures attached), as well as our original recipe ketchup. On top of this we rotate in a classic American sandwich (right now it’s a crabcake), chocolate chip cookies, fries, and an Arnold Palmer.

Can’t wait!

Spaceship Halloween

Every Halloween, after the little ghouls and boys have gone to bed, strange people gather at local artist’s workshop The Secret Alley (where I am a co-founder) and record tales of other worlds. The latest episode has finally been unleashed, and it is quite a tale indeed. If you are a fan of Star Trek, you may enjoy watching this.

By the way, if you’re interested in being a part of the fun, The Secret Alley is looking to fill one of our offices with a local artist who wants to join in on the craziness and hard work that makes that place tick. Interested parties should send a statement of said interest to

Free street-foodstuffs


I don’t know even know what’s appropriate to leave outside anymore. I mean, I can understand furniture and pots and things like that, but leaving your secondhand pantry out on the sidewalk for adventurous souls to test their gastronomic fortitude?



Cool new look for winter: One leg clothed, one leg naked

Thrillhouse Records, that record store way out Mission Street you barely knew existed

The Bold Italic takes a look inside:

The vinyl carried in the shop varies wildly in genre and you can generally count on leaving with some unexpected finds. On one particular visit, I scored a long lost Black Sabbath album I’d been looking for, a collection of classic country LPs, and a couple 45s by local bands that have since broken up. The house stereo is just as eclectic. I’ve heard “God Save the Queen” followed by a Billy Idol hit and a Billy Childish ballad. This wide cultural smattering extends to the name of the shop itself – which was taken from a segment of a Simpsons Christmas episode in which Bart is caught shoplifting. Sounds pretty punk to me.

Read on for more pics and storytelling by our pal Joshua Cobos.

How to order a pupusa with your iPhone

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How many giants does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Not Giants; giants. (Actually this is pretty close to Mission Cliffs… How many climbers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?)

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Cool new look for winter: Cheeks ahoy!

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