Little Star’s company car

Parked at the Treasure Island Flea Market.

Bathroom kangaroo

Not sure what the “BAHMA” part means (either they misspelled Barmah or they misspelled their own Etsy name), but I’m taking the “KANGAROO” part as a celebration of Australia Day, which was last Thursday. (Go drink a Cooper’s at Zeitgeist if you’d care to celebrate belatedly.)

Cool new look for winter: Like Jolly Ranchers and Robitussin on your face

We’re talking about Andy’s rad new glasses. They’re from France, and they look like Jolly Ranchers and Robitussin.


I’d like to buy a vowel?  What could this be for?


Capp Street Heliport

The Facebook IPO is already changing the Mission:


H/T to @cowperthwait

San Francisco Hard Corps

Hard Corps

Now hiring. If you think you have what it takes.

Oakland cops clearly have the worst patrol cars

In the wake of all the debate about whether SFPD or NYPD drive the worst patrol cars, OPD swoops in and takes the cake.

(Oh and they did some other swooping too.)

[via The Fog Bender]

Paper spill

Killer street art!

[via We Built This City]

Acappella group ‘On the Rocks’ performs Def Leppard in Dolores Park

Oh so this is where all those acappella guys in college ended up:

Bummed kids just wanted a little swing time


(Thanks, Hap.)