Capp Street Heliport

The Facebook IPO is already changing the Mission:


H/T to @cowperthwait

11 Responses to “Capp Street Heliport”

  1. batman says:

    bitches ! how else you think batman will get his batplane in the mission? …. you ever try to vallet park a batplane ?! and IN THE MISSION ?! now stop showing ppl ma hideouts !

  2. Bleeze says:

    Before a Mission Mission Grammar Nazis slams me, let’s just pretend I wrote “its” instead of “it’s” in my comment above.

  3. Fiid says:

    I’ve wondered about that a bit, since it’s not in China Basin, and there’s nothing there that looks like a Heliport. I think it might have been one in the past, or maybe there was mistake.

    Anyways – in the current FAA data in my flight planning application, there doesn’t seem to be a China Basin Heliport anywhere.

  4. Ken says:

    A quick googling finds this:

    If you zoom in, it looks like a far more reasonable spot for a helicopter.

  5. Ken says:

    Hmm… maybe they should throw in a helipad as part of the new Dolores Park refurb.

  6. With all the yuppie gentrification going on around here this was bound to happen. I’m glad I knew this Mission before there were Helicopters.

  7. RealityCheck says:

    That happens to be an antenna farm the community fought a decade ago.