Barefoot outside Delirium on a Saturday night

Are we to infer that she was barefoot inside Delirium too? I shudder.

[via Ariel]

27 Responses to “Barefoot outside Delirium on a Saturday night”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    I’m not sure why this such a common and acceptable thing to do in SF. I noticed this especially after New Years when women would walk barefoot down the streets like they were taking a leisurely stroll on a San Diego beach.

    Never mind all the fecal matter, glass, needles, urine, spit, blood, and other countless number of vile human by-products that cover the streets.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


      …actually, I suppose from a purely darwinist standpoint, what DOES kill us also makes us stronger.

    • Richard says:

      Uh…. really? I think it’s pretty obvious why women walk barefoot on New Years – because their shoes are fucking uncomfortable. Not sure if that’s the case with the female in this photo, but it’s really not a secret.

      • Jacob says:

        I think what Bob is asking is how does someone go from “Holy shit, my feet hurt.” to “Holy shit, my feet hurt. Maybe I should take my shoes off on this dirty-ass street and walk around like I’m not putting myself at risk of catching something!”

        I’ve worn some pretty uncomfortable shoes before and I’ll be damned if I was going to take them off and walk barefoot around this city.

      • Bob Dole says:

        Richard. Reading comprehension. Try it,

  2. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Darwin Award Final Exam.

  3. EH says:

    If that sidewalk could talk.

  4. Teotwawki Jones says:

    Those aren’t bare feet. They’re the latest from ugg:

    Wait for it….

    The Fleshboot!

  5. new says:

    have fun with the Hepatitis A-Z

  6. Poplocker says:

    I no longer have a foot fetish.

  7. Brock Keeling says:


  8. scum says:

    I some dirty big feet, a shawarma and a can of Tecate in a pocket that was probably snuck out of Delirium.

  9. Melly Mel says:

    Gross! I think flip flips are bad, too. Not nearly enough protection from the sidewalk evils.

  10. me says:

    Watch out for the vomit!

  11. Mabel says:

    I will forever always choose to bleed, bleed, bleeeeeed in my shoes!

  12. Andy says:

    SO WHAT!? If you don’t want to do barefoot, don’t. But, if other people choose to do this, what differance should it make to you? This is a matter of other people’s choices that have NO affect on you at all.

  13. Cynthia Charlemagne says:

    Yeah right, you’re at home in your little boutique hood ‘La Lengua” basking in the glow of you 6 year old Viewsonic 17″ monitor. You need human contact the catch Hep – you have NOTHING to worry about!

    • Cynthia Charlemagne says:

      For Doktor ^^^

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Yes. It’s true. It’s so hard for me to imagine even going out. Golly, I’m breaking out in hives even thinking about going to my favorite bars/restaurants/stores/etc.

      In other news: That is a weirdly specific comment about monitors. (Or is it just a specifically weird comment about monitors? I’m not sure.)

      • COMG says:

        This is probably the easiest way to get in touch with you, Dok, to let you know that it was near 90 degrees and sunny in Seattle today — only slightly warmer than yesterday. Haven’t seen more than a couple of drops of wet since I got here. Doing yard work with my nephew and loving it.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Hey, that sounds great! I hope the weather holds up for you (and/or it doesn’t bother you when it’s less-than-sunny), and that you find lots of fun stuff to do and good people to do it with, man.

  14. Cynthia Charlemagne says:

    Well, I’ve SEEN your monitor, HELLO!?!?!

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I think you might have me confused with someone else.