Stroller security

It’s no surprise that Bernal Heights has a completely different class of theft problems. Stroller theft, to be exact. It’s said that a nice stroller can fetch up to $100 on the black market.

Nice try at security here pops, but anyone carrying a hex wrench could detach that handle in minutes, leaving you with a long walk home carrying a sobbing baby. Here are some time-tested tips:

  1. Cover the stroller with stickers. A thief is less likely to want to deal with removing a bunch of stickers to make the item sellable.
  2. Get a beater stroller. Sorry, but having nice things comes at a cost. Spare yourself the heartbreak of losing something extremely valuable. I hear has some decent rides that wont break the bank.
  3. Leave an ugly decoy baby in the stroller while it is unattended. Nobody wants an ugly baby.

[Snapped in Bernal Heights, Sunday]

7 Responses to “Stroller security”

  1. thefrederale says:

    um. no one reading this blog has a kid.

  2. why says:

    Isn’t the second point a bit like the whole – don’t use your iphone on 24th street argument from a few days ago/what right do people have to stop me using it/this isn’t an invitation to mug me/steal my stuff???

    How about a ban on breeders?