The greatest slice of pizza ever was only available yesterday at Arizmendi and you probably missed it

Well, perhaps they’ll serve it again at some point.  But at any rate, despite the consistently transcendent deliciousness of Arizmendi pizza, the only thing preventing it from attaining “best pizza in SF” status is the lack of tomato sauce.  Perhaps I’m going overboard here, but I’ve come to realize lately that my favorite component of a good slice is the tangy sauce (which is why Escape from New York has gained traction on my list recently–did they change their sauce recipe in the last year?  It’s damn good now!).

Over at Arizmendi they’ve perfected the chewy yet firm consistency of the crust and have excelled at complementing pungent mixtures of cheese with fresh and sometimes whimsical toppings, but I have longed to taste that potent combination in conjunction with some zesty tomato sauce since the day they opened.  I’ve even gone so far as to straight-up call my cousin Nushin a liar when she claimed that she had eaten a saucy Arizmendi pizza in the past.

So you can understand my jubilation upon finding out that yesterday’s pizza contained this compelling ingredient.  Sadly however, I don’t work in the city anymore so I didn’t get to try it.  Did any of you get a chance to check it out?  Was it THE GREATEST PIZZA YOU HAVE EVER HAD???  That lady in the picture seems to think so.

[Photo by Helen]


27 Responses to “The greatest slice of pizza ever was only available yesterday at Arizmendi and you probably missed it”

  1. dude says:

    I had two yesterday. They were good, but Serrano’s is better!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Andrew P Sarkarati. The “P” stands for “pizza”, for sure.

  3. Dr. Fart says:

    greatest slice of pizza on my ding-a-ling

  4. stiiv says:

    It’s the socialism. Makes the crust sweeter.

  5. Fact Checker says:

    *Spoiler Alert*
    Sauced pizza will return April 1st.

  6. sfnola says:

    As any NY transplant will tell you, the best slice in SF is Arinelles, and its not…even…close. Arizmendi is great for what it is, but just because you get one piece of pizza, its not a “slice”.

    • Fartsicle says:

      Shut up dork. No one gives a fuck about ny or its stupid transplants. Better drop the sf from your handle, poser.

      • sfnola says:

        Ha, I think I’ll pass on taking advice from someone who goes by “Fartsicle”. And why so much animosity? Jeez, who knew thoughts on pizza could make someone that mad. Sounds like you need to get laid…

        • Fartsicle says:

          Don’t need some transplant poser bitch making claims about NY, specially with a poser ass name like sfnola. GTFO claiming poser bitch, no one wants you here.

          • sfnola says:

            If you think “specially” is the right word there, you’re clearly not worth the time of day. Grow up, try learning a thing or two, and chill the fuck out.

          • hipster jesus says:

            If liking good pizza makes one a poser bitch, you should start posing, you bitch with shitty SF pizza.

          • wrybread says:


            You realize you’re the internet equivalent of a crazy person pushing a shopping cart and yelling nonsensical insults at everyone, right?

        • Daryl F. says:

          there is so much pot and kettle going on here that it’s gonna make my head explode.

          • Fartsicle says:

            What you can’t read hipster jeasus fucktard? Who the fuck asked you anyway? He’s a poser callin himself sfnola and claiming NY . If you don’t like it gtfo. I don’t give a fuck about ariztrendy just can’t stand claimer poser bitches and tards who can’t read.

          • Dr. Fart says:

            Whoa, whoa, whoa… hold on. Who is this “Fartsicle”? I’m the resident rear end emissions expert in these parts. So YOU gtfo.

            Fartsicle meltin’ on my ding-a-ling.

    • wrybread says:

      Wow on Fartsicle’s comments to you! Holy crap!

      Anyway, back on planet earth, as another NYC transplant I have to say a loud +1 to Arinelle’s being the best slice in SF.

  7. no cal says:

    I’m with ya man. Love myself a saucy zesty slice! When I was a kid, there was a spot in the warehouse area west of San Pablo Avenue. Emeryville/Berkeley called Granata…best pizza in the known cosmos. It started out as window service, expanded into a restaurant/bar. An Italian family ran the place – old grey haired “mama” would sit on a chair in the kitchen and watch cooks do their thing. From the entrance your could go right and head to the dark smokey bar – red leather bar stools, cigarette machine next to a gumball machine (5 cents), beautiful long wooden bar where I had my first drink – dad bought me a Shirley Temple, back then kids in bars at 3pm in the afternoon – no big deal. On the other side, turning right when coming through the entrance, a dark cave-like room with booths and tables draped in red linen, plants everywhere – some fake. Long bottles of red wine tucked in the corner, glass grapes draped from the ceiling with ivy, copper engraved decoration plates hanging on the wall alongside framed prints of the italian countryside. Man that place rocked. The pizza sauce they used was the absolute best. It was zesty. It had a kick – not too saucy, kinda thick. Decades later when I moved back to the Bay, I was sad to hear that Granata had shut it’s doors. But the memories of that old italian-family run joint will always be with me.

    • JmeNorCal says:

      Dearest NoCal-

      In trying to hunt down some of my Grandma Joey Granata’s (big white haired woman) family recipes I’ve found numerous accounts of it being delicious and zero leads to any actual recipes. When she died I was to young to realize how important those things were to me. But your description of a place that closed before I was born and I’ve heard so much about made me all happy inside. I wish I had had a chance to walk into that place just as you described (just how I imagined it!)Thank you, for posting that whenever you did, it meant a lot to me to find this for some reason. :)

  8. J-Lub says:

    Love Arizmendi, but for a while they were on this salad dressing on pizza kick that was sort of a turn off…I mean, balsamic vinagrette? Por favor, no! Place is solid though.

  9. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I think my favorite pizza in SF is Patxi’s, but for non-deep dish then Pizza Orgasmica is pretty good, too.

  10. Ryan says:

    Best pizza in SF is UPN. Not even remotely close.

    Arizmendi makes good flatbread, but I certainly wouldn’t consider that to be pizza.

  11. Mark waugh says:

    Hmm………..You will be glad to know that I was not missed it. Sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks mate. :)